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Pay with Ethereum – 81 places that accept ETH [UPDATED July 2021]

Most people don't realize that Ethereum has hundreds of applications beyond HODLing and trading, including online purchases. So, which online stores allow you to pay with Ethereum?

Nowadays, you can buy just about everything you want using cryptocurrencies – that is, as long as you know where to look!

A quick online search will reveal quite a few stores and apps that allow you to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin. By doing so, you don’t just protect your privacy and enjoy low fees, but you also help drive mass adoption.

And just to make certain that we’re on the same page before we get started, let us make one thing clear. It’s not just blockchain projects that can accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. ANY business – both online and offline – can accept crypto for their products or services.

In today’s market, it’s still quite uncommon to see stores that support payments using your favorite cryptocurrency. The limitations that cryptos face today as a form of payment are similar to the ones POS machines faced in the past.

Remember when only a few stores had POS machines used for card payments? A few years later – and swiping your card on a POS feels like something you couldn’t live without.

Chances are that, within a few years, paying with Ethereum might be just as common as contactless payments are now. 

Where to Pay With Ethereum

Let’s take a look at platforms that are already accepting Ethereum as a form of payment. Thanks to them, the range of things you can buy using Ethereum is extremely diverse.

Online Stores that Accept Ethereum

Many projects in this category are just traditional marketplaces that accept both traditional money and cryptocurrencies.

The large majority of those stores built on either Shopify or WooComerce – the two e-commerce giants that together power over 4 million stores. Each of these platforms allows stores to accept Ethereum by using several gateways.

Other marketplaces in this section are geared exclusively towards the crypto community and accept only digital currencies.

1. Gipsybee

pay with ether

All things electronic: smartphones, laptops, drones, and so on. Gypsybee also features fashion, sports, camping equipment, and more. The store accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, and EUR.


ether payments

Peddler is a social marketplace: first, you team up with other users who want to buy the same items. Next, you pressure the seller to lower the price. The more people join in, the lower the price you can unlock. You can buy beautiful design items, bags, strollers, gadgets, etc. 

3. Flubit

best shop to pay with ether

UK’s largest independent marketplace allows you to pay with Ethereum.

4. Direct Voltage

direct voltage


Direct Voltage sells all things DIY, home improvement, amateur engineering, 3D printing, solar panels, and more.  

5. OpenSea

A marketplace for crypto collectibles, including characters for CryptoKitties, MyCryptoHeroes, Neon District, etc. – over 1.2 million pieces in total.

6. Spheroid Universe

pay with ethereum

A blockchain marketplace for AR/VR properties, called Spaces. Each space is assigned its own non-fungible token.

7. FLOGmall  

pay with ether

A decentralized e-commerce platform where you can place private ads and buy all kinds of things for Ethereum.

8. Openbazaar

Openbazaar allows users to buy and sell a broad range of things. They accept all sorts of cryptocurrencies and traditional money.

9. Zorket

paying with ether online

An international retail fashion marketplace offering apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories.

10. WeShopwithCrypto

A blockchain-driven e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs can create and scale online stores. It supports 25+ cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

Interesting to know

Amazon, the biggest online retailer, does not yet accept Ethereum. For some strange reason, they not yet followed the path of WooCommerce and Shopify in this regard. An Amazon VP recently said that the company isn’t looking into crypto payments right now. 

Part of the reason is the legal uncertainty that surrounds BTC and ETH in the US. Amazon is cautious and wants to be on the safe side. Aside from that, the backlash against Facebook’s Libra further convinced Amazon that it’s too early to implement crypto.

But a solution is coming! In June 2019, startups CLIC and Opporty announced that they are working on a browser extension that will allow users to pay with ETH, BTC and other Altcoins on Amazon. It will be fast, cheap and completely independent from the marketplace itself. We will have to wait and see.


Shop with Ethereum for Your Holidays

11. CheapAir

This flight ticket aggregator started accepting Ethereum in May 2019. By that time, it had processed over $5 million in BTC payments.

12. Destinia

pay with ethereum

Destinia is used for hotel bookings, flights, travel packages, car rentals, and even bus tickets in Latin America. If you wish to pay for your next Hertz rental or an adventure in Peru using Ethereum, this is your best option.

13. Greitai 

pay with ethereum

Greitai is a Lithuanian low-cost flight search engine where you can book a ticket in 3 minutes. 

14. Airstream Jets

pay with ethereum

Airstream Jets offers business jet rentals with distance-based pricing. Services include hotel accommodation, catering, event tickets, and more. 

15. Onairparking

onair parking

A US-based aggregator of airport parking providers. 

16. Black Boatsters

black boatsters

Black Boatsters offers luxury yacht rentals with 24/7 VIP concierge service.

17. CryptoJaunt 

A full range of travel services: from flight bookings to adventure travel, group tours, honeymoon trips, and even visa support.

18. Tripio

pay with crypto

Similar to AirBnB, this platform lets you rent your property and get paid in Ethereum and other cryptos.

19. Travala


Travala allows you to book 560 000+ hotels in 210 countries. You can pay in 13 different cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies. The platform also has a tokenized incentive program and many exclusive deals.

20. Trippki

pay with ethereum for tripki

Trippki also provides a database of 1.6 million hotels and a members-only travel club with discounts of up to 70%. You can make your booking using Ethereum.

21. Xceltrip

You can book both hotels and flights with 350+ airlines. Yacht rentals are coming soon. Accepts cards and 6 cryptocurrencies.


This Hungarian-based online travel agency offers flights, travel packages, and hotel bookings, accepting payments in 40 different cryptocurrencies (and aiming for 300).

Curious fact
Expedia, which started to accept BTC in 2014,
dropped it in 2018 – Apparently, they did so because of its extreme volatility.

How to Pay with Ethereum for Website Hosting

Everyone has heard about major hosting providers like HostGator and SiteGround. But often it’s the smaller companies that provide better value. And some of them are already Ethereum-friendly! They may not be the cheapest on the market, but they offer major advantages such as:

  • Anonymity: all that is required is your email address. Your personal data will never be leaked to a third party. This corresponds to the principles of privacy that’s inherent to Blockchain.
  • Advanced security;
  • Fewer sites per server – your site won’t have to share the server with thousands of others.

Examples include:

23. FlokiNET

pay with ethereum

FlokiNET has data centers in Finland, Iceland, and Romania. Shared hosting plans start from 16 euro a month. For 26 euro, you can get a VPS server.

24. Snel


This Dutch provider offers very affordable cloud VPS hosting at only $10 a month. For $60, you can get a fully managed virtual private server on the cloud. You can also work with Snel as a hosting reseller. If you always wanted to start an online business, hosting reselling is a good option.

25. P2Pvps

A peer-to-peer marketplace that offers VPS server hosting. Users can rent their server space to host sites and dApps, creating a network of anonymous servers.

26. Hostplax

Hostplax offers shared cloud hosting starting from $1 a month, as well as cloud VPS and free SSL certificates

27. Hostsailor

A UAE-based hosting provider that specializes in VPS and dedicated hosting; also sells domain names and SSL certificates.

28. Cloud Arion

pay with ethereum

Founded in 2011, this provider offers cheap SSD/HDD VPS hosting and 24/7 client support, with 99% of tickets answered within 30 minutes.


One of the largest UK providers. offers WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, a site builder, cloud backups, etc.

30. TMT Hosting

pay with ether

A young and ambitious independent provider offering guaranteed 99.99% uptime, live support chat, and even a Discord support server.

31. Hostwinds

This provider advertises a 99.999% uptime, plus a 60-day money-back guarantee.

32. Impreza Host

impreza hosting

A popular hosting provider among the Tor network community; offers over 500 domain extensions.

33. Coinhost


An authorized Limestone Networks reseller, Coinhost doesn’t only accept Ethereum but also has an affiliate program with payouts made in crypto.

34. Offshorededicated

pay with ethereum

Offshorededicated provides anonymous offshore hosting for clients who value privacy.

Accepting Ethereum as a form of payment is a great argument in favor of a hosting provider. But before you subscribe or migrate your site, remember to carefully research the host’s uptime and response time. You can use a free online ranking tool to see how the provider compares to major companies. You should aim for at least 99.5% uptime and a response time of under 1 second. 

Home, Fashion and Lifestyle places that Accept Ethereum

The companies bellow allow you to make online purchases for products of all kinds using your Ether and other cryptos.

35. Overstock

Leading US interior design store Overstock started accepting Ethereum five years ago. You can buy everything – from a kitchen sink and a duvet to a diamond ring or a swimming pool. The tech-driven retailer has won many awards for its augmented-reality shopping app.

36. Galaxus

pay with ethereum

The largest online retailer in Switzerland, so if you are based in Europe, then this is a great option. Apart from interior design and garden, Galaxus sells apparel, gadgets, and even sex toys. You can pay with Ethereum if your total order doesn’t exceed 200 Swiss francs.

37. Pheromonexs

shops that accept ethereum

A store selling fragrances that contain pheromones – substances that are supposed to attract and elicit an emotional reaction.

38. Lola Luna

how to use ethereum

A French brand of high-quality sexy lingerie that has been on the market since 1975.

39. Cathy Doll

how to pay with ethereum

The store sells over 100 authentic Korean beauty products that really work, at very affordable prices.

40. NJ Swingsets

ethereum spending

If you always wanted a swingset to put in the garden for your kids to play with, then you can buy one for Ethereum in this US store.

41. Autonomous

ethereum payments

This store sells ergonomic office furniture, including unique standing desks.

42. Sugartrends

pay with ethereum

The store’s owners travel the world seeking out the latest in locals trends in fashion, home design, and accessories.

43. Print-ted Store

pay with ethereum

Print-ted Store sells hats, beanies, hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories with cool design prints.

44. The Art of Travel

pay with ethereum

A brand that caters exclusively to travelers and wanderlusters, selling travel clothes, gear, backpacks, etc.

45. Krypto Threadz

pay with ethereum

This store offers crypto-themed merchandise, Bitcoin t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

46. WeAreEncrypted

shops where you can pay using ether

A fashion brand created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, specifically aimed towards fans of blockchain and Fintech.

47. Secret Energy

pay with ethereum

This store sells holistic health and wellness products, with over 100 rare products for spiritual and psychic advancement.  

48. High Life Goods 

A store that sells bongs, spoon pipes, and other supplies. Obviously, you should only shop here if recreational cannabis smoking is legal in your jurisdiction!

49. Seed Bank

seed bank

A US-based cannabis seed bank that ships discreetly packaged pot seeds worldwide. It also offers an 80% germination guarantee.

Give Great Gifts

Looking to buy gifts with Ethereum? The following options will help you make the best choice.

50. eGifter

pay with ethereum

Buy gift cards from Amazon, App Store, and Home Depot. You can pay for these cards using Ethereum. This gives you two great opportunities:

  • You can buy a gift card for yourself with ETH and do all your shopping on Amazon and other stores. It’s a fantastic workaround if you really want to spend Ethereum on Amazon purchases.
  • You can buy Ether when the price is low, wait for it to grow, then use your profits to buy gift cards for your friends and family for the upcoming holiday season. 

51. Nafa

what can I buy with ethereum?

An Indian-based marketplace for discounted gift cards. You can not only save money when shopping but also sell gift cards you don’t need.

52. Giftcards Bidali

pay with ethereum

You can pay for gift cards with 40+ different cryptocurrencies using popular ETH wallets like MetaMask and Jaxx.

53. Cryptoemporium

Crypto-Emporium offers gift cards, books, and crypto-themed merchandize. Accepts ETH and 10+ cryptocurrencies.

54. Giftoff 

what to buy with ether

A UK-based gift card retailer with over 90 types of cards on offer. You can collect loyalty points and get gift cards for free.

55. Prepaidify


Prepaidify offers more than 400 kinds of email-delivered gift cards including Starbucks, iTunes, and Nordstrom. 

Ethereum Online Crypto Games & Others

Are you a passionate gamer? Then consider the following place to pay with Ethereum.

56. GamerAll


If you need a dragonclaw hook or a Demon Eater for Dota 2, then you’ve come to the right place. The marketplace sells characters, weapons, and skins for the most popular games, such as DOTA 2 and Rust.

57. CryptoKitties

The most famous crypto game of all time: you can buy and breed your own kitties – and then sell them at a good profit.

58. Crypto-Games

pay with ethereum

A blockchain-based gambling site that offers seven casino games, including poker, roulette, and blackjack.

59. My Crypto Heroes

crypto heroes

Probably the most popular RPG on Blockchain. You can collect legendary characters, form teams, and participate in battles.

60. 0xUniverse


A game built on the Ethereum blockchain where you can buy and trade spaceships and planets.

61. Instant Gaming

instant gaming

Discounts of up to 70% on popular games for Steam, Origin,, Uplay, etc.

62. Everdragons


In this decentralized RPG, you can buy and train a dragon. By collecting prestige and experience points, you can unlock new game levels.



Skins, keys, and virtual currencies for popular games, including World of Warcraft, FIFA 18, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

64. RPG Stash

pay with ethereum

Virtual currencies for popular games, including Runescape gold, ESO gold, and Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

65. SpiderDex


An exchange where you can trade assets for blockchain games, such as CryptoKitties 

66. Keys4Coins


Key4Coins offers games for Steam, Origin, Uplay, and others

How to Accept Ethereum Payments for Your Services

The list of things you can buy with Ethereum isn’t limited to goods. You can purchase services too. For example, you can hire a freelancer to design your site or develop an app. 

67. Ethlance

frelance ethereum payments

This service helps freelancers find work and get paid with Ethereum. It’s fully decentralized and there are no fees whatsoever.

68. Freelance For Coins

pay with ethereum

Another service that helps freelancers can get paid in dozens of cryptocurrencies. The platform doesn’t charge any fees.

Electronics & Hardware

You can also pay with Ethereum for Electronics and Hardware products.

69. Bitcoin Grotto


The only “brick & mortar” store in the UK that only accepts crypto (ETH, BTC and LTC). You can buy smartphones, gaming consoles, TV sets, etc.

70. Purism


An independent, crowdfunded computer manufacturer focused on privacy and security.

71. Crypto Cloaks

crypto cloak

Crypto cloaks sells protective cases and mounts for hardware wallets that help keep your crypto safe and secure.

72. Sirin Labs

sirin labs

The first ultra-secure blockchain smartphone with a built-in cold storage wallet.

73. Mineshop


An award-winning Irish manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware. 

74. Mobisun


Mobisun sells portable individual energy solutions: solar panels, laptop power banks, and portable solar generators.

Food & Drinks

Looking to make small purchases? You can also use Ethereum to buy food and drinks.

75. Blockchain Coffee

blockchain coffee

A brand of gourmet coffee created specifically for blockchain enthusiasts. The blends use only coffee beans from the state of Veracruz in Mexico and allows anyone to pay with Ethereum.

76. Drapis


Sells organic bee products from Portugal: honey, propolis, comb honey, and bee bread. 

Betting & Gambling

If you want to use your coins for betting or gambling, there are a few services that offer this possibility. We choose the best ones in the market.

77. Dice2win


One of the largest Ethereum dApps with a weekly turnover of almost $2 million. 

78. 1xBet


A Cyprus-based platform with 400000+ users. The platform offers over 1000 events daily, with bets on all popular sports. 


Other companies

79. Depotstudent



A growing number of experts are marking Ethereum as a promising cryptocurrency in 2021

80. The Life Stuff

The Life Stuff


The Life Stuff offers advice on tackling the challenges that life throws your way career, home, money and relationships. One of the latest articles that we recommend to see is about ideas of modern home improvement.


81. Your Charisma

Your Charisma


Your Charisma is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or other Online Marketing related subjects. We deliver support by Email and Phone.

One of the best articles on the site – What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?


Using and Ethereum Payment Provider

If you want to start accepting Bitcoin for your services, you will need to download and use a widget that is more commonly known as an “Ethereum payment gateway”.

These gateways can be downloaded from your website builder (in case you are using Shopify) or manually pasted in the code. Here is a useful video to help you out:

Wrapping up

You now have many choices for your upcoming Ethereum-based purchases. It goes without saying that, in the short term future, the list of stores that accept Ethereum will only grow larger. Therefore, make sure you leave a comment with the stores which you know accept payments made with ETH.

Now, go ahead and support mainstream adoption – Pay with Ethereum for all your future online purchases.

Natalia Diatko is using advanced technologies and finding new business tactics makes her feel happy. Finally, she highlights new trends. To read her latest posts, please, follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter. She spends her free time reading psychology books and combing her cat’s whiskers.

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