Ripple price prediction – The road to a $10+ XRP

Ripple price prediction – The road to a $10+ XRP

For many investors, XRP has been relatively quiet over the past two years. The cryptocurrency didn’t make any significant headlines to bring back the enthusiasms and, as for its loyal fans… *crickets*.

In the past few weeks, however, Ripple has managed to make quite a comeback. XRP dominated headlines in November as it rallied 169% during the last month alone, claiming the number 1 spot on Coindesk’s Top 20.

ripple price prediction

Today, we discuss the reasons behind this unexpected price surge, the recent developments surrounding XRP, as well as realistic Ripple price prediction estimations based on the prior. Are you ready to find out where XRP is headed? If so, keep on reading.



Ripple’s (XRP) recent developments

As Ripple is fighting to break the $0,70 price barrier, there are several developments that could either push it towards new highs or cause sell pressure. These are mainly played out on the sentiment of (new) buyers, as many rush to benefit from the rumors.

  • Flare Network, a Ripple-backed startup, will distribute (airdrop) Spark tokens to all XRP holders on a ratio of 1:1. The distribution will occur on the 12th of December and Coinbase will not support the airdrop. Read more.
  • XRP has (temporarily) stopped offloading tokens each quarter, a practise which previously created strong price opposition. While this does improve the odds towards an increase in the coin’s price, Jed McCaleb (Ripple’s founder) continues to sell large amounts on a daily basis. Read more.
  • The SEC’s lack of regulatory clarity surrounding XRP’s legal status has caused several issues. Among them, the potential relocation of Ripple from the US and “shaky” relationships with their currency banking partnerships. Read more.
  • Ripple’s largest gaming partner – Forte – recently announced a series of new partnerships, including Gallium studios. The gaming company is led by Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, SimSeries, and SimEarth. Read more.

From all the developments listed above, the main reason behind the rapid surge of XRPs price is the upcoming airdrop that is set to occur in just a few days (at the time of this writing). While there is no information regarding the value of Spark tokens, it is well known that such large-scale airdrops can cause a massive increase in the native cryptocurrency.

Knowing this, it might be interesting to try and estimate where Ripple’s price will be headed in the next year(s) and how investors can benefit from this.


Will SEC charges against Ripple affect our XRP price prediction?

Late last year, the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ripple for trading XRP, as they concluded its nature to be that of a security instead of a cryptocurrency. Naturally, this caused a massive drop in XRPs price. In just a few days, the cryptocurrency lost more than 60% of its value before attempting to recover back to its prior levels. In the midst of these events, several exchanges started delisting XRP, including Coinbase, Binance.us, and OKCoin. Despite this unfortunate setback, Brad Gerlinghouse mentioned that Ripple is still strong and continues hiring new team members.


Ripple price prediction 2023

2021 is just a breath away. The year so many investors have patiently been waiting for. If historic events play out in a similar manner, this will be the year of a new bull run in the crypto markets. And we all know what happens when the “altcoin season” starts!

Technical analysis points to the moon

The first place we ought to look when discussing technical analysis is the price indicators, and how these reflect past price action. XRP’s 25-day Moving Average (MA) has just crossed the 50-day Moving Average (MA). The last time we saw this occur was in 2017, shortly before XRP’s value increased by 9500%. 

xrp price prediction

For most, these types of increases in price seem unlikely during the upcoming bull market. After all common knowledge points towards “smarter” investors that are less likely to gamble their money on low-priced tokens. That being said, XRP is in the top 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has strong utilities. Therefore, a 9500% price growth to $22 wouldn’t seem so unlikely.

For others, $22 seems to be the low-end barrier of XRPs price potential within the next year. Several traders are already publishing their analysis on Twitter and, among them, XRPBULL2021 does so too.

ripple price prediction

According to the trader, XRP is already starting to repeat historic patterns. His bullish sentiment and trading skills lead him to believe that XRP could reach $15 early next year and $100 by the end of 2021. 

While this Ripple price prediction seems very far stretched, especially given the enormous circulating supply of XRP, it would not be the first time we witness hard-to-understand market movements.


Our XRP price prediction for 2023

You will probably wonder what we think about XRP within the next year. While we are optimistic, we have been around for quite a while already. We have seen the hype build-up. We have also seen it break down faster than it grew in the first place. Therefore, we are cautious and set low-barrier goals. 

At this moment, we’d like to see XRP break $1 before the end of 2021. This would crush a significant psychological level that has kept many investors on the sidelines. If this happens successfully, and Bitcoin receives more adoption from institutions and the public, we believe that XRP could be headed towards $10 by the end of 2023.


Ripple price prediction 2025

In the context of cryptocurrency, a 4-5 year period is a very long time. Since the market as a whole is still at a price discovery stage it is really hard to give long-term price predictions. When it comes to making a prediction for XRP there are different factors that could affect the coin’s price. For one, Ripple needs to decide where they will station their operations, as their relations with the US are currently clashing. Once that is decided, the popular cryptocurrency will continue to strengthen its relations with banks on a global level, improving their speed and cost of transactions.

If the popular cryptocurrency project is successful, Ripple will gain foundational importance within the banking system, similar to how Ethereum is the foundation of decentralized applications. Its increased utility and strong fundamentals, paired with the increased demand for cryptocurrencies, could help XRP grow to $200+ per coin within the next 4 years

Note that our Ripple price prediction 2025 is heavily speculative and should not be taken as expert advice – simply market observation. It is best to adjust your expectations and let market demand indicate the growth curve over time.


Ripple price prediction 2030

It is highly unlikely for us to make a reliable Ripple price prediction today with regards to the coin’s value over the next decade. Many could argue that the cryptocurrency could succeed in its mission to interconnect the banking system due to Ripple’s influence and utility in the space. Others are nearly certain that XRP is doomed to fail due to the rise of government-based stablecoins, which are now being explored with increased scrutiny

As we already know, fundamentals are only one part of the equation. Market sentiment and, thus, demand is also very important for the potential of Ripple. If the foundation decides to pursue more aggressive awareness strategies and builds strong partnerships within the next few years, we could see the coin grow even further in value. 

According to the Ripple community, there are three possible scenarios that could drive XRP to $589 within the next decade:

  • The first scenario is the increase of Ripple’s price due to a massive surge in transaction volumes after the release of xRapid. This scenario is the most likely to cause a spike in the coin’s price since the product will completely change the speed and convenience of cross-border transactions.
  • The second scenario is the increased “burn” of fee-allocated XRP due to the growth of transaction volumes due to xRapid.
  • Finally, there are several investors that see a third indication that hits Ripple’s future price. According to them, 58.9 is the atomic mass of Cobalt, which is the name of an update that aims to increase the transaction speed of XRP.

Additionally, many XRP fans believe that the recent Simpsons’ special on cryptocurrency predicts the future of the market. According to them, there are many hidden messages that point towards a massive price growth in the mid-term (could be a decade?). Here is the video we are referring to:


Best Ripple price prediction tools

When it comes to making long-term price predictions on Ripple price, there are several tools and channels you can use to get information from. The following shortlist will help you start your research and discover more indicators to create your own forecast.

Best technical analysis tool 

To determine the future Ripple value, we suggest starting out with TradingView. The charting tool allows for maximum flexibility that can, in time, lead to a better understanding of XRP’s historic price action. There are several price indicators that can be implemented in the charts to help you determine whether a trend is building up.

Best sentiment tracking tool

There are many different ways to track market sentiment in the crypto industry. However, for Ripple specifically, we have a strong preference for Twitter channel @XRPspeculation. The people behind the channel also have a Youtube channel that is updated frequently.

Alternatively to Twitter, you can also follow industry-relevant publications like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph, as well as Social Media trackers like LunarCrush.


The big XRP dilemma for investors

XRP has been bashed by many investors over the years. For many experienced crypto enthusiasts, XRP is considered to be a “shitcoin” even though it poses strong fundamentals that could lead to global mainstream adoption. As of this moment find ourselves in a big dilemma:

  • On the one hand, we have the strong utility of XRP – The token has strong fundamentals and is considered to be going hand-in-hand with the developments of the central banking system. Therefore, XRP maximalists believe it is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is seen as helpful for our current financial system.
  • On the other hand, we have Ripple’s heavy centralization – As aforementioned, both Ripple and its co-founder are regularly offloading XRP tokens in the open market. When observing their actions, the central authorities in control of XRP does not seem to be as interested in the coin’s price as their investors, and this could negatively affect the long-term growth of its value.

Eventually, Ripple with either shine or fail depending on the direction the market takes. Whether it is today, this week, or a year from now, investors should be aware that the crypto markets will experience massive volatility. Their ability to read the signals will result either in riches or in an unsuccessful gamble.

If you feel ready to take the risk and believe in the future of Ripple, head over to our platform to buy XRP instantly. With near-instant transactions and a first-time no-fee policy, you will be able to acquire XRP at the cheaper market price.


Maximizing returns – BTC vs XRP

Having observed the volatile trajectory of XRP over the past year and after the sudden rise of Bitcoin to the $40.000 levels, investors will likely wonder whether they should be investing in XRP or being better off choosing bitcoin instead.

Our XRP price prediction takes several external facts into consideration but it is important to remember that the space is rather unpredictable and volatile, meaning that our best guess is merely a speculation. Even though our XRP forecast is leaning towards being positive, it is best to diversify into multiple established cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. As the market continues to grow, you can always readjust the allocation of your portfolio to match the progress of Ripple and the results of our XRP prediction (speculation).


Wrapping up

You should now have a better idea with regards to our Ripple forecast. After exploring all the recent developments and getting a better understanding of the coin’s historic price tendencies, we estimate the following:

  • Ripple could end the year (2023) on a high note, breaking the psychological price barrier of $1 towards the upside.
  • Within 2021, we should see Ripple heading towards $10 as the demand for cryptocurrencies increases. Some analysts predict that the coin’s value could reach $100+.
  • Making price predictions for the long-term future (2025-2030) is very difficult, as the market is still in a price discovery stage. There are two trains of thought:
    • BullishXRP price will survive its challenges and head towards the mid-three figure range.
    • Bearish – We may see new technologies compete against Ripple, e.g. government-backed stablecoins, also known as digital currencies. If these end up being used on a global scale, the utility of Ripple will reach its threshold. If this occurs the price will either remain stagnant or decrease.