Satoshi to BTC Converter – Instant Bitcoin Calculator

Satoshi to BTC Converter – Instant Bitcoin Calculator

Have you been stacking satoshis and finally wish to know their worth? Use our handy Satoshi to BTC converter to find out:

How to use this Satoshi to BTC converter

Click on the box under “Satoshi” and type in the amount of Satoshis you wish to convert. You will automatically see how much Bitcoin they represent in the box underneath.

You can also use this calculator in reverse. To do so, enter the amount of Bitcoin you currently hold and you will see their value in Satoshis.

What exactly is a Satoshi anyways?

Satoshis are used to represent a smaller amount of Bitcoin, which is often useful for miners of the popular cryptocurrency. Keep on reading to get a better understanding of how Satoshis are calculated and how they gain value.

What is a Satoshis?

Both Satoshi, Satoshis, and Sats refer to the same subdivision of Bitcoin. The term is often interchangeable as it is still in its early stage of usage by the public. We expect the term to become more clarified as the user base for Bitcoin continues to grow in the future.

How many satoshis is one Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is divisible by the 8th decimal. This means that you can split 1 BTC into 100,000,000 separate, smaller units. Each of these units is known as a Satoshi. As such, one can say that there are 100 million satoshis in each Bitcoin. 

Where does the name Satoshi come from?

Satoshis received their name from the Bitcoin community, after lengthy conversations on the Bitcointalk forums. Their name refers to the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, a controversial figure that, to this day, is still unknown to the public. 

What is the difference between Satoshi and Bitcoin?

This is probably the biggest misconception of new users that wish to enter the space – they all think that they need to purchase a whole Bitcoin to get started. This is far from true. In fact, this is exactly where Satoshis come into play.

The difference between Satoshis and Bitcoin is that the primary is a small part of the digital coin. This allows users to purchase any amount of Bitcoin they wish, even if they only want to invest $5 dollars to get started.

Is it better to count my crypto portfolio in BTC or Satoshis?

In case you want to have an overview of your BTC funds it is good to know how to keep track.

It is always easier to know the total balance of your portfolio by seeing your funds in Bitcoin value. This happens for two reasons:

  • The goal of every investor should be to increase their amount of Bitcoin (stack Satoshis)
  • When seen in Bitcoin, the total amount is easier to read (e.g. 250000000 Satoshis – 0,25 BTC)

That being said, miners will often calculate their daily return in Satoshi value, especially when their mining rigs are smaller in size.

Is the value of Satoshis always pegged to the value of Bitcoin?

Yes. Since Satoshis are essentially smaller units of Bitcoin, they change in value depending on the price movements of Bitcoin.

An easy way to understand this is to compare it with dollars and cents. When the value of the dollar changes, so does the value of each cent.

How many satoshis in a Bitcoin transaction are paid to miners as fees?

When making Satoshi to Bitcoin conversions, users often try to estimate the value they will receive when making a payment. In other words, if you can’t buy a whole Bitcoin, what is the amount you receive for the amount you FIAT currency or altcoin you offer. What most fail to realize, however, is a small part of the transaction is paid to miners as fees. This amount can be adjusted depending on the speed at which you wish the transaction to be delivered.

Transactions that are confirmed in one transaction block (10 minutes) are more expensive than those confirmed in two blocks. The cheapest option and one that requires just a few cents in Satoshi value is a transaction that requires up to six confirmations (±1 hour).

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How to earn Satoshis

You may have heard that there is a possibility to earn small amounts of Bitcoin, in this case, Satoshis. This is true. There are two ways to earn Satoshis, one of which is totally free and only requires some of your free time:

  • You can earn Satoshis by mining Bitcoin, a practice that will initially require the purchase of specialized mining equipment.
  • You can also earn Satoshis by completing small tasks on websites like Earn.com. This is true for a small amount of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Finally, there is one more way to earn small amounts of BTC. This involves swing trading, a practice that is very risky and only reserved for experienced investors.

Following the movements of the market, investors will invest in other coins that have the potential to outperform BTC’s growth in the short term, only to seel their profits back in BTC.


Disclaimer: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more at: https://go.payb.is/FCA-Info