Buy Dai with Credit Card or Debit Card

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How to Buy Dai with Credit Card or Debit Card

A quick and simple way to buy Dai

If you're already familiar with it, you may be wondering how to buy Dai. While there is a more complicated way to get Dai, you can also buy DAI with credit card instantly and with no hassle. Here's how:

  • Decide how much DAI you want to get and click Buy Dai;
  • Make a payment with your card — just like you would with any online purchase;
  • Receive your Dai in your own wallet!
That's it! You can buy DAI now, or keep scrolling to learn more!

What to consider if you want to buy DAI

Dai is another stablecoin, that is, a coin that aims to maintain a stable value. Much like USDT and USDC, it sets this value at 1 USD.

Unlike USDT and USDC, it's also decentralised. There isn't a single bank account holding one USD for every DAI in circulation. Instead, it is backed by other cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can create Dai by depositing a certain amount of crypto; this is the more complicated way we mentioned. It can then be used like any other stablecoin.