Buy Enjin Coin with Credit Card or Debit Card

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How to Buy Enjin Coin with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy Enjin in just a few clicks

Ready to get in the game? At Paybis, we offer a simple way to buy Enjin with debit card instantly. Let's get to it:
  • Type in how much ENJ you want or how much you are willing to spend and click Buy Enjin;
  • Create a Paybis account if you don't already have one;
  • Get your Enjin in your own wallet!
Really, it's that easy to buy Enjin instantly. And, if you would like to learn more about Enjin, keep scrolling.

Why crypto investors buy ENJ

Many cryptos aim to provide real-world uses, whereas ENJ has a different focus: virtual worlds. More specifically, the Enjin platform allows its users to create and trade various virtual items.
For example, games often feature items that can be purchased and transferred to other users. With Enjin, each in-game item is assigned a value in ENJ. This enables players to sell these items and use them in multiple games.
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