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How to Buy Polkadot with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy Polkadot with debit card or credit card

Adding Polkadot (DOT) to your crypto portfolio is simple! Here's how to purchase Polkadot at Paybis:

  • Decide how much Polkadot you want and click the Buy Polkadot button;

  • Enter your crypto wallet address and make sure you can access it;

  • Make a payment and receive your DOT!

And here's the best part. When you first buy Polkadot with credit card, we will not charge the Paybis commission! Just cover the card processing and crypto transaction fees.

Ready to get started? Scroll back up to buy DOT instantly — or keep scrolling to learn more.

Why crypto investors buy DOT

The crypto field has seen plenty of new tokens; to stand out, a coin must come up with some unique feature.

DOT does just that. It moves beyond the basic blockchain and enables users to create their own blockchains, called parachains. The parachains can be used for all kinds of purposes, yet they benefit from the technology and security of the main blockchain.

Of course, that's just a brief introduction — and just one reason to buy Polkadot. You are encouraged to do your own research!

Where to buy Polkadot the easy way

The parachain technology may be sophisticated, but buying Polkadot could not be simpler! Here's why Paybis is a great choice:

  • Widely accessible: almost anyone can buy DOT with debit card at Paybis;

  • Buy Polkadot with debit card instantly, just like making any other online purchase;

  • Receive your crypto in your own wallet — no proprietary apps or platforms!

Simply put: if you're wondering “Where can I buy Polkadot as fast and simple as possible?” — you've come to the right place!

What you need to buy Polkadot with credit card instantly

When we say “Buy Polkadot instantly”, we really mean it! There are no deposits to make and no lengthy verification processes. Here's all you need:

  • A credit or debit card;

  • A government issued photo ID — we accept a wide variety of documents, including, but not limited to, passports, ID cards, drivers' licenses, and voter IDs;

  • A crypto wallet — if you don't have one, it's easy to set it up.

That's all you need to buy Polkadot with credit card instantly — and we'll guide you through the rest.

Why your own wallet is the smart way to purchase Polkadot

A crypto wallet is used to store and manage your tokens. When you buy DOT with credit card or debit card, it is transferred to your wallet as soon as the payment clears.

Some trading platforms may offer you to buy Polkadot online without a crypto wallet. Instead, your crypto is locked in the platform, and there may be withdrawal fees.

When you buy Polkadot with your own wallet, you're free to use it in any way you want. This makes it the smartest way how to buy Polkadot — or any crypto.