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How to Buy Polygon with Credit Card or Debit Card

Purchase Polygon the easy way

Wondering where to buy MATIC coin? Look no further! At Paybis, buying Polygon is fast, simple and safe – even if you're an absolute beginner, you can buy MATIC with debit card in three easy steps:

  • Decide how much MATIC you want to get and click “Buy Polygon”;

  • Enter your MATIC crypto wallet address or pick a free Paybis wallet;

  • Pay with your credit or debit card and receive your MATIC in your wallet!

That's it! You can now use your MATIC in any way you want – there are absolutely no restrictions.

Why buy MATIC at Paybis

We believe that crypto should be simple and accessible, so we've created Paybis as a place where to buy MATIC coin the easy way. Here are just some reasons why buy Polygon with us:

  • A truly intuitive experience – even if you don't know how to purchase Polygon, we'll guide you through the entire process;

  • Lightning fast – you can buy MATIC with credit card instantly and receive it in seconds;

No hidden fees – know exactly what you'll pay before your MATIC purchase! 

Why buy Polygon with credit card

At Paybis, we offer several ways how to buy Polygon coin – you're welcome to check them out to see if another payment method fits your needs better! Here are some reasons why buy MATIC with credit card:

  • Simplicity – if you know how to make online purchases, you know how to buy Polygon;

  • Speed – receive your MATIC in your own Polygon crypto wallet in seconds;

  • Security – we employ the latest safety measures to keep your card data absolutely safe.

Simply put, a credit card is a simple and safe way to buy MATIC instantly!

Buying MATIC as an investment

You may have decided to buy Polygon (MATIC) because its price movements have attracted your attention. Let's take a quick look at what's behind them!

MATIC crypto is building on top of the massively popular Ethereum blockchain, so it doesn't have to build its user base from scratch. Rather, it offers new features for Ethereum users: for one, they can easily build their own Ethereum-compatible blockchains. This, among other things, allows faster and cheaper transactions, attracting further user interest.