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How to Buy XRP with Bank Account

Get the best deal when buying Ripple

Bank transfers are a great way to keep your commissions down and get more crypto for the same amount of money. With Paybis, all it takes is three simple steps:

  • Type in how much crypto you want and start the transaction;

  • Make a bank transfer using the data we provide;

  • Receive your Ripple once the payment clears!

Yes, it's that easy to buy Ripple with bank account! Scroll back up to start your purchase or keep scrolling to learn more!

Why investors buy XRP with bank transfer

All investors want to increase their return on investment. One way to do it is to decrease the commissions — and bank transfers are notably cheaper than other forms of payment.

It gets better. Customers in the EU and UK can buy Ripple with bank account instantly using instant bank transfers! This combines speed with low costs, making it a great alternative to other payment methods.

Our international customers can still use SWIFT bank transfers; they are just as cheap but will take more time.

More about Ripple

Ripple (XRP) is the native token of RippleNet, a blockchain-based payments network. RippleNet has been designed to handle international payments for financial institutions, and it counts the likes of Bank of America or Santander among its partners. When you buy XRP with bank account, your bank may be working with Ripple!

Moreover, it has proved to be a resilient crypto. First launched in 2012, it is still going strong and regularly trades among Top 10 cryptos by market cap.

Who can buy Ripple with bank transfer

At Paybis, we strive to provide crypto to anyone who really wants it. Here's what you need to buy XRP with bank transfer:

  • Be at least 18 years old;

  • Have a bank account;

  • Live outside the restricted areas;

  • Open an account and pass a quick KYC check.

That's all you need! Now that you know how to buy Ripple with bank account, you can scroll back up to get started!