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How to Buy Solana with Neteller

How to buy Solana with Neteller the easy way

Looking for a great place where to buy Solana with Neteller? You've found it: at Paybis, you can exchange Neteller for SOL in four easy steps:

  • Decide how much you're ready to spend;

  • Pick your crypto wallet or create a Paybis wallet;

  • Log onto Neteller to make your payment;

  • Receive your SOL in your own wallet!

And that's it – yes, it's that easy to move from Neteller to SOL! Scroll back up to get started or keep scrolling for more details!

Why purchase Solana with Neteller

Neteller is a payment method known as an e-wallet. You can top it up from your bank account and use it to pay for things online.

You may decide to purchase Solana with Neteller if you like to keep your crypto purchases separate: the transaction will not show up in your bank account. 

Or you may already have some money in your Neteller wallet. You can then go directly from Neteller to Solana: no need to withdraw it first.

Neteller to SOL: directly to your wallet

Your crypto is also stored in a wallet, and it works much like your Neteller wallet. When you buy Solana with Neteller at Paybis, we'll immediately transfer it to your own wallet.

There are plenty of crypto wallets out there, and you're welcome to use any of them at Paybis. We also offer our own wallet – a free online crypto wallet you can access right from your Paybis profile. This means that Paybis can be your one-stop shop for all things crypto: you can buy SOL with Neteller, store and manage it on this very site!

Buy Solana with Neteller: more about SOL

Now, let's take a closer look at Solana.

Solana is an example of the so-called “Ethereum killers”. Much like Ethereum, it aims to build an entire platform that can be used to develop and run decentralized applications, crypto projects and even other crypto tokens.

So how has it been doing? It has actually attracted a solid development community, and it already has all kinds of applications running on it. This, in turn, means that more people want to buy and hold it.

Where to buy Solana with Neteller

Finally, let's consider some more reasons to consider Paybis when deciding where to buy Solana with Neteller:

  • Simple and intuitive experience – go from Neteller to SOL in 15 minutes or less;

  • Live support 24/7 – help is always there when you need it;

  • Full control – you're always in charge, and we do not place any restrictions on your crypto.

Simple, safe and reliable – we strive to provide the best way how to buy Solana with Neteller. Get started now or check a detailed guide below!