Buy Swipe with Credit Card or Debit Card

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How to Buy Swipe with Credit Card or Debit Card

Three simple steps to buy Swipe

Looking for a place where to buy Swipe (SXP) quickly and easily? At Paybis, you can buy Swipe with debit card instantly:
  • Decide how much Swipe you want to buy or how much you want to spend;
  • Make a payment with your credit or debit card;
  • Receive your SXP in your own ERC-20 compliant wallet.
Yes, it's that easy to buy Swipe online! You can get started right away — or keep reading to learn more about the Swipe network and token.

What to consider if you buy SXP

With so many new cryptos, a token has to bring something special to the table to stand out. SXP clearly does just that: it provides nothing less than its own crypto-powered debit card platform.
Businesses can sign up with the Swipe network to create their own debit cards. 
Users can store their crypto on a regular debit card and use it just like any other payment card. Their crypto is converted to fiat at the moment they make a purchase.