Buy USD Coin with Credit Card or Debit Card

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How to Buy USD Coin with Credit Card or Debit Card

How to buy USD Coin the easy way

If you're looking to buy USD Coin instantly, you have come to the right place! At Paybis, you can buy USD Coin with credit card just as quickly and easily as you can make any other online purchase:

  • Type in how much you want to buy and click Buy USD Coin;
  • Enter your wallet address so we know where to send your USDC;
  • Get your USD Coin in just a few minutes!

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Why do crypto enthusiasts buy USDC?

USD Coin (USDC) has garnered attention within the cryptocurrency community as a stablecoin, which strives to align its value with that of the US dollar. It currently stands as one of the more frequently utilized stablecoins, following Tether in terms of widespread use.

Circle, the entity behind USDC, purports that they maintain a dollar in reserve for every single USDC token issued, a practice they claim supports its pricing stability. This relationship with the US dollar has led to USDC being employed as a preferred method of payment in the crypto space, notably for the acquisition of other digital currencies.

It's critical to convey, though, that while USDC is designed to be "stable," fluctuations have been observed, as can be seen on CoinMarketCap, and the value is not absolutely fixed to one US dollar at all times. The stability of USDC should not be seen as a guarantee, and it's important for potential buyers to be aware that this does not ensure immunity from risks associated with cryptocurrency markets. We encourage those considering USDC to familiarize themselves with the detailed information on the risks of cryptocurrency provided in our risk disclosure section. Past performance should not be considered a reliable indicator of future results, and we advise all individuals to proceed with caution and thorough understanding.