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How to Buy WOO Network with Giropay

Buy crypto with Giropay in 4 steps

Buying crypto shouldn’t be hard, especially with Giropay - an easy & secure payment method. Just follow the steps below:

  • Decide how much crypto you want;

  • Enter your wallet address or pick a Paybis wallet;

  • Log onto your bank account and complete the payment;

  • Receive your crypto in your own wallet.

And that's it! Buying crypto with Giropay is easy as never. Scroll back up to get started – it will only take a few moments.

Why buy crypto with Giropay

We offer plenty of payment options, so why buy crypto using Giropay?

At Paybis, we believe that the best way to buy crypto is the one you already know. If your bank supports Giropay, you probably already use it for your online purchases. Rest assured: it's just as easy to purchase crypto with Giropay! Your transaction will work exactly the same. 

Of course, you can also choose another payment method. Any way you choose, your purchase will be just as simple and convenient!

Why buy crypto with Paybis

You are currently on Paybis website, a leading fiat-to-crypto exchange. We strive to be the perfect one-stop shop for all things crypto.

You can buy crypto with Giropay, credit card, or online wallets in just a few clicks. You can track the latest crypto rates to make sure you don't miss the best deals. You can even store crypto in your own online wallet that's always accessible from your Paybis profile.

Don't have a Paybis profile? No problem; you can get one in 5 minutes or less! Sign up now – or check out a detailed guide to buying crypto with Giropay below.