Buy Bitcoin with Giropay

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Giropay

How to buy Bitcoin with Giropay the easy way

Looking for an easy way to buy Bitcoin with Giropay? At Paybis, all it takes is four simple steps:

  • Decide how much Bitcoin you want;

  • Enter your wallet address or pick a Paybis wallet;

  • Log onto your bank account and complete the payment;

  • Receive your Bitcoin in your own wallet.

And that's it! Now you know how to buy Bitcoin with Giropay. You can scroll back up to get started – or keep reading to find out more!

Why buy BTC with Giropay

We offer plenty of payment options, so why buy BTC using Giropay?

At Paybis, we believe that the best way to buy crypto is the one you already know. If your bank supports Giropay, you probably already use it for your online purchases. Rest assured: it's just as easy to purchase Bitcoin with Giropay! Your transaction will work exactly the same. 

Of course, you can also choose another payment method. Any way you choose, your purchase will be just as simple and convenient!

How to get your crypto even faster

No matter if you're new to crypto or you're an experienced crypto enthusiast, a verified Paybis profile is a great way to get and manage your crypto!

Once you're verified, you can buy Bitcoin with Giropay instantly. What's more, you also can store your Bitcoin in your own Paybis wallet. It is a fully functional crypto wallet – there are absolutely no withdrawal restrictions or maintenance fees. And you can always see it right in your Paybis profile – no worries about losing access!