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Buying Bitcoin with Skrill explained

Start the process

To buy Bitcoin with Skrill, Paybis is the right place for all your digital currency needs. So, follow these brief steps to buy BTC with Skrill:

  • 1st Step: Select a wallet: we also provide a Paybis wallet
  • 2nd Step: Start a new transaction on Paybis.
  • 3rd Step: Verify your identity and enter your BTC address.
  • 4rth Step: Pay with your Skrill funds and you will receive Bitcoin shortly after.

All this should take 10-15 minutes to complete and if you need more information, swipe through the next steps.

How Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that solves the problems many people face when dealing with traditional money:

  • With Bitcoin there is no central authority that changes the supply of the coin.
  • Bitcoin is decentralized and all users can see the details of all Bitcoin transactions.
  • Bitcoin can be used worldwide - it can be sent to anyone, within a few seconds.
  • Finally, Bitcoin has a very limited supply because it is capped at 21 million coins. 
These are some of the reasons Bitcoin's price is expected to increase over time.

Why use Skrill to buy Bitcoin?

Aside from Bitcoin, there are many other payment systems that allow users to send and receive money online. The most popular of these services is Skrill. It allows users to store, send and receive funds, making Skrill a great alternative to traditional online banking.
Because of its ease of use this UK-based company has become one of the most well-known options for online money transfers.
This is the main reason why buying Bitcoin with Skrill is so popular and why Paybis offers this solution to its customers.

Where to store Bitcoin?

You need a Bitcoin wallet to buy Bitcoin with Skrill. It works much like your Skrill wallet; you can view, manage, and transfer your funds.
At Paybis, we accept all kinds of crypto wallets: hardware, software, and online. We also have our own online wallet: the Paybis wallet. It's a fast, simple, and secure way to store and access your crypto; you're in complete control, and we never charge any maintenance or withdrawal fees.
So, if you're looking for a wallet to buy Bitcoin with Skrill, check out ours! It may be just the thing.

What can you do with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has changed the way people send, receive, and store value across the web. 
On top of that, very few actually understand the benefits of BTC. So, here are the use cases of Bitcoin:

  • Transfer Bitcoin to anyone in the world.
  • Hold onto your Bitcoin as an investment.
  • Shop using BTC at websites that accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy other cryptocurrencies.
All this and a lot more are the things that makes Bitcoin so versatile. 
So, now you know the basics of Bitcoin and in case you haven't, you can proceed to buy Bitcoin with Skrill.