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How to Buy Buy Binance Coin with Skrill

The process outlined

Paybis gives you the opportunity to invest in BNB using Skrill as a payment method. The process is very easy and even new users can navigate our platform in an intuitive manner. Simply scroll back to the top of the page and do the following:

  • Head back to the top of this page and enter the amount you wish to spend under "You spend".
  • Click on “Start Transaction” and follow the on-screen instructions.

In the next slide, we will explain why you might want to buy Binance Coin with Skrill.

Understanding BNB coin

Binance coin is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies over the last two years. It belongs in the category of Exchange Tokens, which gives it both usability and liquidity in the crypto-world.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to invest in Binance Coin:

  • BNB experiences Coin Burns. These events reduce the quantity of the tokens until a certain amount is reached.
  • It can be used for different types of trading, lending and staking, on the Binance exchange.
  • It has maintained a strong position during the latest bear market, especially when compared with the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Why use Skrill for this transaction

Most people would rather use their bank cards or get their coins with the relative ease of e-banking. 

However, this is not true for everyone. In many locations, opening a bank account can be quite complex and, in some cases, even impossible. This is exactly why payment services like Skrill exist.

Not only does it offer the ability to store funds on the web, but it also acts as a safe alternative to the traditional banking system.

For that reason, many people are looking for ways to buy Binance Coin with Skrill, in a fast and seamless way.

Where to buy Binance Coin with Skrill

Paybis is one of the few exchanges that support Skrill to BNB transactions. Here is why you might want to consider using the service:

  • 5-minute ID verification - The KYC process is completed within minutes, improving your experience.
  • 24/7 Live support - Our support agents are available at all times of the day.
  • Positive feedback - We are rated as one of the best platforms in the cryptocurrency market.
Does this meet your criteria? If so, slide to the following step.

Ready to make a transaction?

You now know more about BNB, and why Paybis is the best platform to make your next order. So wait no longer. Scroll up to the top of the page and start a new transaction.

In case you want to get a more detailed overview of the transaction process, feel free to check our “step by step” process outlined below.

Why people trust Paybis

  • UK, EU, USA compliant
  • 7 years in the business
  • Transparent fee structure
  • Live 24/7 support
  • 10 crypto & 47 fiat currencies
  • Instant verification
  • Lightning-fast crypto settlements
  • 50+ dedicated professionals
  • $250,000,000 annual volume
  • Used by beginners and pros alike
  • Very quick and simple. Paybis is very easy to use and goos interface. But fee rate is little bit higher than other crypto exchanges. Also I hope you change the card merchant occasionally. Because government is prohibiting the purchase of crypto by card.

  • Good Thank you for always helping me.

  • Had to pay someone with crypto. It was my first time so it was a rather lengthy procedure, but it’s finished and they received their crypto immediately. Maybe I’ll get some for myself now!

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Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.

A step-by-step guide to buying Cryptocurrency on Paybis

  1. To buy BNB with Skrill, you will need to indicate the amount of money you want to exchange. You can enter this amount in the box labeled "You spend" or "You receive".

    Once that is done create a new order by launching the transaction.
  2. Please follow the on-screen instructions and provide the following information to pass the verification process:

    • First and last name;
    • Date of birth and location (address);
    • A copy of your ID document in good quality;
    Click on "Submit" and allow a few minutes, so our team can review the information you provided. Once verified, enter your BNB wallet address and continue.
  3. At this point, if your account is verified, please click on the "Continue" button. You will be automatically redirected to the Skrill payment processing page.

    • If, for any reason, your verification is rejected, you will need to improve/adjust the information and make a second attempt.
  4. When you find yourself on the payment page, simply:
    • Log into your Skrill account
    • Confirm the payment, so you can buy BNB with Skrill
  5. As soon as you complete the payment, you will receive your BNB.

    The payment might require a manual review, so monitor your email inbox for any additional verification emails from our security department.

Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency in Just a Few Minutes!

The best way to exchange crypto and e-money around the world.