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Convert between Dai and dozens of local currencies with ease! This DAI calculator is simple and easy to use. By default, this works as an accurate DAI to USD converter. Just enter an amount in the DAI field to see its current value in USD. And rest assured: this tool is always updated with the latest rate. As Dai is a stablecoin, a simple Dai to USD calculator would be of limited value. No worries: click on the dropdown menu to select from 90+ local currencies, from AED all the way to ZAR! And, if you need some Dai, click the “Buy now” button to buy it with Paybis, a leading crypto exchange!

Who is this tool for

No matter if you're just starting out or have been trading crypto for years, this Dai converter is the perfect crypto conversion tool! It's simple and intuitive, so you can get started right away. No special knowledge required! In just a few clicks, you can switch between 400+ cryptocurrencies and 90+ local currencies. All currency pairs work just as easily as the DAI calculator, which makes it the perfect tool for tracking the value of your portfolio. And, of course, any crypto enthusiast needs an honest, reliable place to buy crypto. You can do just that by hitting the “Buy now” button.

Features of this DAI calculator

  • Convert between hundreds of currency pairs with ease;

  • The most popular pairs and amounts accessible with a single click;

  • Updated with the latest rates so you can always get the most accurate price;

  • Simple design with powerful features just a few clicks away;

  • Powered by Paybis, so you can get your crypto just as easily as using this tool!

Learn more about Dai

Dai is a stablecoin, meaning it aims to keep a constant value: one US dollar. Note that this does not mean 1 DAI will always cost 1 USD. Iit is still subject to some small shifts, and our DAI to USD calculator is accurate enough to show them. Unlike other USD stablecoins, Dai is decentralized. There isn't a single issuer backing up every DAI in circulation. Instead, it keeps its value through automated contracts. If you're interested in Dai, you may also check out another coin: Maker. Closely related to Dai, it is used to manage and govern the decentralized system. Unlike Dai, it's not a stablecoin, meaning it can increase in value. Other than that, Dai works like any other stablecoin. It can be quickly exchanged for other assets, invested, borrowed, and sold. In fact, the stability of Dai makes it a good introduction to crypto. Scroll back up to get started, and you'll see just how easy crypto can be!

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