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How to check LINK to USD exchange rates

This page is useful for investors that wish to buy, sell, or simply keep track of Chainlink. Since the price of cryptocurrencies often fluctuates, having a dedicated tool to convert LINK to USD can improve your choices as an investor. Here are a few quick steps to get you started:

  • To convert LINK to USD, scroll up to the top and enter any number of LINK on the designated input field. You can either enter “1” to see the current LINK price, or enter the total of your holdings to see their collective value.

  • The tool also works in reverse. To use it this way, enter any amount of USD on the right input field, and you will automatically see the respective LINK/USD rates.

  • Chainlink to USD conversion is not the only option available. You can click on the currency tab and select any other currency of choice from the available options.

  • Finally, having seen the current LINK USD rates, you can also purchase Chainlink tokens. To do this, click on the “Buy now” button found under the input fields.

Chainlink to USD conversions benefit investors

Converting Chainlink to USD has several advantages for investors. Let’s look at some of them:
  • Long-term investors can keep track of the token’s growth over time, calculating on regular timeframes the returns of their investment.

  • Swing traders can bookmark this tool to track LINK more often, finding potential buying opportunities during sharp price drops (dips) or selling opportunities (peaks). They can also use LINK to dollar tracking to estimate how many tokens they can buy with a recently allocated budget.

  • Day traders convert Chainlink to dollar value to compare the current market price with rates of different exchanges. They can also combine this page with other tools on the Paybis platform to get a better overview of the project’s performance.

  • The Chainlink calculator is a great tool for amateur investors as well. More specifically, it enables those who are not yet ready to buy to see how much they could buy if they decided to enter the market.

Are you ready to make a purchase?

Chainlink is certainly one of the most popular cryptocurrencies available in the market. As an important project for the future growth of cross-chain transactions, and decentralized finance, you might feel like you should acquire some.

Checking current exchange rates of Chainlink to US dollar is only one part of this process. Knowing the current price, you can now proceed to make a purchase. When you are ready to do so, click on “Buy now” to buy Chainlink instantly with the help of Paybis.

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