Chainlink Price

$15.39 -1.314%
Market cap$15,276,394,140.74
Volume (24h)$433,791,496.69
Highest price (24h)$16.02
Circulating supply1,000,000,000 LINK

What is Chainlink

Chainlink refers both to a network and its native token. Chainlink is what's known as a decentralized oracle network, meaning it can provide input data for blockchain-based smart contracts.

In simple terms, smart contracts are executed automatically when a certain parameter comes true. For example, you could place a smart contract to sell a certain amount of crypto if its price reaches a certain level. The Chainlink network feeds these outside parameters into the blockchain, so Chainlink value derives from this utility: it is a crypto with a very clear use case.

What influences LINK price

When looking at the current LINK price, it is important to remember that Chainlink is part of the larger blockchain ecosystem. It is not competing against other cryptos; instead, the price of Chainlink benefits from their success.

In fact, Chainlink has even announced partnerships with other cryptos. Of course, this does not mean that the current Chainlink price mirrors other cryptos. It may, however, have a positive impact on its long-term performance.

Using this price tracker

The crypto market can get volatile, so using up-to-date data is absolutely vital.

Our Chainlink price tracker always shows the live Chainlink price. This makes it a reliable tool if you need to check what's the Chainlink price now.

At the same time, it also provides an overview of Chainlink price history. Click on the Chainlink price chart to see what the LINK price was at any given moment. Click on the dropdown menu to select different time periods.

This tracker also supports a wide range of local currencies. By default, it shows the LINK price in USD. If you need any other currency, just click on the dropdown menu.

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What can you do with Chainlink

The Chainlink token functions like any other crypto: you can still buy it, sell it, or hold it, hoping that the Chainlink price will go up.

If you plan to hold, it may be helpful to remember that Chainlink worth derives from its real world applications; LINK stands to benefit from the increased success of blockchain technology in general and smart contracts in particular.

Chainlink price today

Much like other cryptos, LINK is subject to notable rate movements. Rest assured, though: whatever the Chainlink price today is, it helps to understand how it works and what influences its price.

So what do you think? Can Chainlink succeed? Do smart contracts have a future? If so, this could be a great opportunity to invest. And here at Paybis, we've made it really easy: just scroll back up and hit the “Buy” button next to the price chart!