Loopring calculator: quick start guide

Using this Loopring to dollar calculator could not be easier: just type a value in one field, and you'll immediately see the result.

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Who is this LRC calculator for

We built this Loopring value calculator as the perfect tool for any crypto enthusiast who needs a simple way to convert between different currency pairs.

It works as an accurate Loopring to USD calculator that's continuously updated with the latest currency rates. It also supports dozens of local currencies, making it perfect for international customers. It even works if you have a diverse crypto portfolio!

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Powerful features for power users

  • Convert between 90+ local currencies and 400+ crypto tokens with ease;

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A brief overview of Loopring

LRC is the token used in the Loopring project. In essence, Loopring is a network built on top of the existing Ethereum network that makes transactions faster and cheaper.

Instead of processing each order one by one, Loopring loops them together in what's known as a ring order; these are then processed on the Ethereum network. Up to 16 transactions can be processed at once, making the process faster and more efficient.

LRC is used to reward the users of the platform, and, of course, it can be traded just like any other crypto.

To see its current worth, scroll back up to the Loopring calculator. And, of course, feel free to grab some LRC while you're at it — Paybis is a great place to get your crypto!

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