Getting started with Maker calculator

The Maker calc is a simple way to estimate the current value of MKR in more than 90 local currencies. Just type in an amount in one field, and you'll immediately see the result! Looking for other cryptos? Click on the dropdown menus: our MKR calculator supports 400+ different crypto tokens! Of course, all currency rates are constantly updated to give you the most accurate estimates. And, when you're ready, you can buy MKR in just a few clicks!

Who can use this tool

We built this MKR calc with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, making it perfect for anyone who's interested in crypto. Beginners will appreciate the simple and intuitive interface: everything's readily understandable, even if you've never bought crypto before. Seasoned crypto traders will appreciate its versatility. It works as an accurate Maker to USD calculator, and it also supports hundreds of other currency pairs. We've even pre-selected some of the most popular currency pairs so you can access them with a single click. Finally, this Maker calculator is especially useful for international investors. It supports 90+ local currencies, so you can get an accurate estimate in the currency you're most familiar with!

Features of this MKR converter

  • Simple and intuitive; no special knowledge or prior experience needed;

  • Supports 90+ local currencies and 400+ cryptos;

  • Constantly updated with the latest currency rates;

  • Access the most popular currency pairs in a single click;

  • Powered by Paybis, a leading crypto exchange, so you can buy crypto on this very site!

Brief introduction to Maker

Maker is a token that's closely connected to another cryptocurrency: Dai. Dai is a stablecoin that maintains its value through automated contracts, and Maker is an integral part of this system. As the name suggests, MKR tokens are used to make Dai, and they're also used to regulate its price. Unlike Dai, Maker is not a stablecoin and its price can fluctuate. Don't worry, though: this Maker calculator will always show the latest rate! In fact, MKR provides a unique opportunity to invest in a stablecoin. If you think Dai has potential, you can buy MKR to capitalize on it. Why not try it yourself? Scroll back up and see how easy it is to get started!

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