Warning - Skype Scammers use our identity for fraudulent activities

Dear All, We would like to raise a Warning Flag!


There has been several Fake Skype accounts created, that pretend to be persons working for our company and offering fake services to our customers. As result customers send them money to specific fake accounts (e.g. [email protected]) and do not get anything in return! 

Please check carefully skype id and compare to skype id's specified on our website. If you are unsure, safest way is to contact our customer support via built in Online Chat and verify that person to whom you are talking on skype is valid representative.

So far, there has been 2 fake skype accounts (pay,bis and pay-bis).


If you have fallen into their hands and sent them money, we recommend to request refunds immediately. 

Be carefully, there are plenty of social engineering hackers and scammers that want to trick you. 

Remember, all the exchange orders must be registered on our website, we will never ask you to pay directly to a specific payment account without an order from our website. 

Kind Regards,

Your PayBis Team