0x Price

$0.497 +2.903%
Market cap$499,514,435.87
Volume (24h)$14,411,762.14
Highest price (24h)$0.5114
Circulating supply1,000,000,000 ZRX

A brief introduction to 0x

Much like many other cryptos, 0x is both a protocol and its native token.

The 0x protocol provides crypto exchange functionality without the need for a centralized crypto exchange. Note that it only allows trading ERC-20 tokens; if you want to exchange fiat currency to 0x, you still need a reliable crypto exchange.

0x worth is closely connected to this platform. 0x is used to reward the users of this platform and as a governance token. It can also be seen as an investment in the platform: as it becomes increasingly successful, the price of 0x also stands to increase.

Understanding the ZRX price movements

This 0x price tracker is a useful research tool. Try looking at 0x price history and comparing it to some larger cryptos, such as BTC or ETH, also available on this tracker.

You may notice some similarities and differences. This suggests that ZRX price is not immune to the overall movements in the crypto market. Still, it has some unique features that, at times, have helped it outperform the market.

Of course, this does not mean the current 0x price will follow the same patterns. It is best seen as a starting point for your own research.

Using this prices chart

We believe in making crypto widely accessible, and we built this 0x price chart with the same idea in mind. You can start using it right away — we’ll just point out some useful features.

By default, this chart shows the 0x price in USD. With one click on the dropdown menu, though, you can access dozens of different local currencies! This way, you can track the live 0x price in the currency you’re most familiar with.

And, when you see a great opportunity, you can get your 0x on this very site! Hit the “Buy” button to buy 0x with Paybis, a safe and reliable fiat-to-crypto exchange.

What can you do with 0x

As noted, 0x value is derived from the 0x platform, so this is one obvious use. You can see it as an investment in the platform and a way to help shape its future.

0x can also be staked, that is, invested to earn passive income from it.

0x can be a way to diversify your portfolio, as ZRX price has outperformed other cryptos in the past. Of course, this does not guarantee similar performance in the future.

Finally, you can always buy 0x to HODL. This is crypto slang for keeping it, hoping ZRX price will increase in the future. 

0x price today

As this brief overview shows, 0x price today is a combination of different factors: the overall crypto market, the success of the platform and, of course, the demand for the token itself.

Of course, any investment decisions are up to you, but it helps to keep these fundamentals in mind. Moreover, if you take a longer-term view, you may find the exact 0x price now is not as crucial.

And remember: you can trade crypto on the 0x platform, but you still need a trustworthy exchange to buy crypto with fiat. That's where Paybis comes in: just scroll up and hit the “Buy” button! We promise your transaction will be just as easy as using this tool.