Divi Price

$0.003293 -7.571%
Market cap$12,410,077.09
Volume (24h)$291,749.73
Highest price (24h)$0.003577
Circulating supply3,768,331,937.134 DIVI

What info is displayed on DIVI price chart?

The Paybis DIVI price chart encompasses:

  • Live DIVI price
  • Current Market Cap of DIVI
  • 24hr Volume of DIVI
  • Highest price of DIVI in the last 24 hours
  • Circulating supply of DIVI
  • Price of DIVI in 50+ fiat currencies

This DIVI to USD and other currencies data provides an informative snapshot of Divi’s current market status and assists in making informed decisions.


Divi price today

The Divi price today is influenced by various factors, including technological advancements, partnerships, and its overall adoption across the user-friendly blockchain space.

Observing the Divi price allows for:

  • Assessing Market Position: Understanding Divi's current market dynamics and navigating investment strategies effectively.
  • Identifying Opportunities: Using Divi price data to recognize potential investment or trading opportunities.
  • Making Informed Decisions: Engaging with the Paybis DIVI price tracker for live updates and data-driven decision-making.

Stay abreast of Divi’s market conditions with the Paybis Divi price tracker. You can also check USD to DIVI rates.


Analyzing Divi price trends

Analysis of Divi price trends using this page or the DIVI calculator is critical for understanding its market behavior and making informed decisions.

Using the Paybis Divi price chart, users can:

  • Understand Market Movements: Observe DIVI price patterns across different timeframes.
  • Conduct Comparative Analysis: Convert DIVI prices into different fiat currencies for comparative analysis.
  • Strategize Investments: Develop and refine investment strategies based on accurate and timely data. While data analysis is crucial, it’s essential to approach investments with caution and adhere to sound risk management principles.

What is Divi?

Divi is a user-friendly cryptocurrency aimed at making digital finance accessible to everyone, even those without technological expertise.

Divi's ecosystem focuses on a simple user interface, offering features like one-click masternode installations and a user-friendly wallet.

The Divi price holds significance as it represents the utility and adoption of its easy-to-use solutions within the cryptocurrency space.

On this page, you can explore real-time analytics and trends of the Divi price, aiding you in understanding its position in the market.


Who invented Divi?

Divi was co-founded by Geoff McCabe and Nick Saponaro, among others, with the vision to make cryptocurrency easy to use for all, regardless of their technical expertise.

The Divi project focuses on removing the complexity often associated with cryptocurrency usage and aims to create a seamless user experience within the digital finance space.


How Divi Works

Divi operates with an emphasis on user experience and simplicity through:

  • One-Click Solutions: Facilitating one-click masternode installations and minimizing technical barriers.
  • User-Friendly Wallet: Offering a wallet that is intuitive and easy to navigate for users.
  • DIVI Token: Utilizing its native token for transactions, rewards, and participation in the Divi network. Understanding the Divi price, which can be tracked using the Paybis price chart, is crucial for participants looking to engage with Divi’s user-centric blockchain solutions.

How will DIVI price change in the future?

The future price of DIVI will be influenced by its adoption, user engagement, technological advancements, and overall trends in the cryptocurrency market.

As Divi continues to innovate and enhance its user-friendly cryptocurrency solutions, it will be vital to stay updated with the Paybis DIVI price chart and Divi community updates to understand potential future price movements.



What is the price of one Divi?

Please refer to the price chart above for the most current Divi price, keeping in mind the volatility inherent in cryptocurrency prices.

Who has the most Divi?

The largest holder of DIVI is unknown. However, 2.25% of the coins belong to 6 addresses, which are estimated to be owned by a single entity. You can find this information on a blockchain explorer.

How much Divi is left?

Divi does not have a maximum supply cap. Currently, over 3.6 billion DIVI are circulating.

How many people own 1 Divi?

There are over 23,700 unique wallet addresses that hold DIVI. It is not possible to know how many people own 1 Divi as one person may own multiple wallets.

What is the highest price of Divi in history?

The highest price of Divi was 0.3527 on November 21, 2020. Follow the Paybis price chart to see when Divi breaks this record again.