Numeraire Price

$32.26 -1.084%
Market cap$338,612,764.36
Volume (24h)$12,641,347.76
Highest price (24h)$32.73
Circulating supply10,742,801.445 NMR

What is Numeraire

Numeraire (NMR) is the token behind the Numeraire project which is building a blockchain-based decentralized hedge fund. 

Here's how it works: anyone can sign up and download real but anonymized stock market data. Users then build automated algorithms that try to predict stock market price movements. These algorithms compete against each other to see which one performs the best. 

Numeraire value comes from its use as stakes in these competitions and as rewards for the winners.

What moves NMR price 

NMR is a token with a very clear use, so the price of Numeraire is connected to the success of the project. Things like a growing number of users, good publicity, and solid performance in the stock market can all have a positive impact on Numeraire price.

Of course, Numeraire is still a crypto token like any other, and NMR price is not immune to overall fluctuations in the crypto market. Do your own research: for example, you can check the Numeraire price history on this chart and compare with other tokens.

How to use this tracker

This Numeraire price chart provides an accurate overview of NMR price in USD and dozens of other local currencies. You can clearly see all the ups and downs, along with the live Numeraire price.

Click anywhere on the chart to see what was the current Numeraire price at any given time. You can also access historic price data from the drop down menu. 

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What can you do with NMR

As its native token, NMR has numerous uses in the Numeraire project. For example, you can stake your NMR, that is, lock up your tokens and earn interest.

You can also hold your crypto, hoping the Numeraire worth will continue to rise.

You can even stake your NMR while holding it. This way, you earn an interest while waiting for the NMR price to grow.

Numeraire price today

The exact Numeraire price now depends on multiple factors, and it has clearly seen its ups and downs. In fact, it has seen enough price action to provide plenty of opportunities for any trader, no matter your trading style.

Historic data should be taken with a grain of salt, but further price movements are very likely. When you decide that Numeraire price today is a great entry point, scroll right up and click the “Buy” button! At Paybis, buying crypto is just as easy as using this too.