Siacoin Price

$0.005571 -1.505%
Market cap$320,846,894.85
Volume (24h)$9,481,303.10
Highest price (24h)$0.00578
Circulating supply57,520,935,000 SC

A brief introduction to Siacoin

To better understand Siacoin price moves, let's start with a brief overview of the token itself.

Siacoin value is derived from its use: it is a decentralized cloud storage. The storage space is provided by Siacoin users; they are compensated in Siacoin in return. People who need storage space can then rent it, paying in Siacoin.

This means that the token can actually benefit from low crypto prices. If the current Siacoin price is low, it is a more attractive storage option, cost-wise. Still, even at its highest points, Siacoin has been cheaper than centralized cloud storage options.

Understanding Siacoin price today

When looking at Siacoin price today, keep in mind that it isn't immune to the overall movements in the crypto market. When the market is booming, Sicoin worth is likely to benefit – there is more interest in blockchain technology, including blockchain-based data storage. Conversely, SC price probably would not be immune to a prolonged bear market.

Siacoin also is a relatively small crypto; a single event could have a measurable impact on its price. These include listings on major exchanges, positive exposure, or some major project adopting Siacoin for data storage.

Tracking Siacoin price the easy way

At Paybis, we believe in making crypto simple and accessible, and this Siacoin price tracker does just that.

It is always updated with the live Siacoin price, giving you the latest exchange rate. Siacoin price history is available from the dropdown menu. And, if you need more detailed information, click anywhere on the Siacoin price chart to see the exact SC price at any given time.

It also supports dozens of local currencies. By default, it shows SC price in USD; click on the dropdown menus to access other currencies.

Last but not least, we also provide a handy SC calculator or, if you prefer, a dedicated Siacoin to USD converter.

Using Siacoin

As Siacoin is a file storage platform, you can actually use it for data storage. You would need to install some software, but it is fully functional and can be used as an alternative to the likes of Google Drive.

The Siacoin technology also powers a number of storage solutions that are arguably more user-friendly.

Siacoin notes that its underlying technology “enables interactions between mutually distrusting parties”, which could have future uses beyond file storage.

And, of course, if you believe the project has good growth potential, you can HODL it, waiting for the price of Siacoin to increase.

The future of Siacoin and SC price

The exact Siacoin price now is subject to many fluctuations which cannot always be predicted with certainty. Therefore, it helps to adopt a longer-term view.

The important thing to remember is this: SC actually has a clear use. Crypto projects have often been accused of being solutions looking for problems. This is not the case with SC.

As always, it's you who makes the final decision. And, if you need a reliable partner in the crypto world – Paybis is here to help!