Sologenic Price

$0.1084 +2.007%
Market cap$43,254,410.93
Volume (24h)$1,957,015.59
Highest price (24h)$0.1099
Circulating supply398,900,917.392 SOLO

Getting started with Sologenic

Sologenic is a crypto platform built with asset trading in mind. Sologenic allows its users to tokenize all kinds of assets, including stocks and exchange traded funds. These can then be traded on Sologenic's decentralized exchange (DEX) just like any other crypto token. 

Sologenic price is directly related to its use in this exchange. SOLO is used to tokenize these assets – basically, this means issuing a stablecoin backed by a real-world asset. Increased use of this platform means more demand for SOLO and higher Sologenic value.

Understanding SOLO price moves

Many cryptos are sensitive to the overall mood in crypto markets. Since Sologenic can be used to trade all kinds of assets, the price of Sologenic can also be affected by things like the stock market and the overall risk appetite.

Your own research is really helpful here, and this Sologenic price chart provides the perfect starting point. Try comparing Sologenic price history to other cryptos or stock market indices. Of course, historic performance does not guarantee future results; the Sologenic price now may follow a different path than before. Still, it serves as a useful point of reference.

Using Sologenic price tracker

We've built our Sologenic price tracker just like we've built the Paybis exchange itself – to be simple, reliable and easy to use. It's always updated with the live Sologenic price, and you can start using it right away.

If you need more than the latest SOLO price in USD, click on the dropdown menu to access dozens of other currencies and historic SOLO price data.

Click anywhere on this chart to see the current Sologenic price at any given time.

And other powerful Paybis crypto tools are just a few clicks away, such as a simple Sologenic to USD converter or a multi-currency Sologenic calculator.

Possible uses of SOLO

SOLO is the utility token in the Sologenic DEX, and Sologenic worth is connected to its use on this exchange. In particular, SOLO is used to tokenize the assets that are then traded on the exchange.

SOLO can also be staked, that is, locked up to provide additional income.

And, if you believe SOLO price will increase in the future, you can always HODL it and sell when it's reached the price you want.

Sologenic price today

As always, your own research is the key to making the most out of SOLO.

Sologenic price today depends on a number of factors, including the overall state of the crypto market, current activity in the stock markets, investor risk appetite and, of course, the popularity of the Sologenic DEX.

SOLO is just one of the many cryptos supported by the Paybis crypto tools. Scroll back to get started with SOLO – or check out the other tokens we offer!