StormX Price

$0.008011 +1.130%
Market cap$100,692,442.38
Volume (24h)$6,408,813.46
Highest price (24h)$0.008363
Circulating supply12,500,000,000 STMX

A short introduction to StormX

StormX (STMX) is the native token of a crypto-based cashback service also called StormX.

The service works much like any other cashback service: users earn rewards by shopping at affiliate stores and can withdraw them once they reach a certain level. The main difference is that users are rewarded in crypto — namely, STMX.

Much like any other crypto, you can freely trade the STMX token: buy it, sell it, or keep it, waiting for the price of StormX to increase.

What influences STMX price

StormX worth is directly related to the cashback service, and its success is a major STMX price mover. Things like positive media exposure, an increased number of users and growing investor interest are all likely to have a positive impact on StormX price.

Still, this StormX price chart also shows the token follows the overall crypto market to a certain extent. As a crypto-based service, it benefits from increased use and acceptance of crypto.

Of course, remember that StormX price history does not necessarily indicate its future performance.

How to use this price tracker

We've built this StormX price tracker with ease-of-use in mind, but are some features you don't want to miss:

  • In addition to STMX price in USD, it supports dozens of local currencies — just click on the drop-down menu;

  • All currency rates are constantly updated, giving you the StormX price now;

  • Select different timeframes to track changes in StormX value over time;

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How and where to use StormX

If you use the StormX cashback service, you can stake your STMX to increase your cashback. This even works if you buy STMX on this very site and deposit them on your StormX account. Do your own research to decide whether this works for you.

If you don't use the StormX service, STMX is a crypto in its own right. For example, you may HODL it, which is crypto slang for keeping it, hoping the current StormX price will increase in the future.

StormX price today

When you're buying STMX, you're also investing in the StormX cashback service, so it helps to consider its long-term perspective.

Please note that we're not providing any investment advice. Instead, we encourage you to do your own research. If you decide the fundamentals are strong, the exact StormX price today may not be as crucial.

What we do provide is a secure, fast, and reliable place to buy STMX. Scroll back up and hit the Buy button to see just how easy crypto can be!