UMA Price

$2.392 -8.573%
Market cap$285,600,249.42
Volume (24h)$11,373,920.39
Highest price (24h)$2.628
Circulating supply119,882,826.639 UMA

A brief introduction to UMA

UMA stands for Universal Market Access, which describes its goals in a nutshell. UMA is a project that allows anyone to create and use advanced financial products, such as derivatives.

Traditionally, these financial instruments have had high barriers to entry, which limits their use. UMA contracts are completely decentralized and run on blockchain technology, so they can be created and accessed by anyone.

The UMA token is used to govern and manage the platform, and UMA price is directly connected to its success.

What may influence the UMA price

As this UMA price tracker shows, UMA value is not immune to the overall shifts in the crypto market. These may be triggered by things like:

  • Crypto legislation and regulations;

  • Decision to list or delist cryptos on major crypto exchanges;

  • Positive exposure such as endorsements from analysts and influencers.

Of course, keep in mind that UMA price history does not necessarily correlate with the UMA price today. 

How to use this price tracker

By default, this UMA price chart shows the UMA price in USD over the last 24 hours. Other local currencies and time frames are available from the dropdown menu.

All currency rates are continuously updated, giving you the live UMA price. If you need historic data, just click anywhere on the chart to see what the current UMA price was at any given moment.

Finally, it's worth noting that this chart is powered by Paybis, a leading crypto exchange. When the price is right, you can hit the “Buy now” button to buy your UMA on this very site!

What can you do with UMA

UMA worth comes from the UMA project; if you're interested in the project, you can use UMA on its native platform.

Of course, UMA can also be traded even if you don't use the platform. You can buy, sell, and hold it, hoping the price of UMA will increase in the future.

And, if you already hold crypto, you may consider buying UMA to diversify your portfolio. As always, do your own research here.

UMA price today

As this chart shows, UMA price has seen its ups and downs, and the short-term volatility can get quite high.

Therefore, it may help to consider a long-term perspective. If you believe the project has a strong proposal and can succeed in the future, the exact UMA price now may not be as crucial.

Of course, all investment decisions are always up to you. We do not provide any investment advice here at Paybis. What we do provide is a safe, reliable and trustworthy place to buy crypto. Scroll up and click the “Buy” button to see just how easy it can be!