Sell Litecoin to Credit Card

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How to sell Litecoin to Credit Card

Sell LTC hassle-free

Looking for a way how to sell Litecoin to USD for immediate liquidation?

Selling Litecoin to your credit card is a 3-step process:
  1. Visit the Paybis website and enter the amount of LTC you want to sell.
  2. Enter your credit card information and transfer LTC to the wallet address.
  3. Sit back and get funds in your card within minutes.

That’s how you sell Litecoin to credit card from anywhere in the world.

What Fees Do I Pay When I Sell Litecoin?

Paybis ensures transparency by providing clear information on fees when you sell Litecoin.

Paybis takes pride in maintaining transparency and does not apply any hidden charges, allowing you to have a clear understanding of the fees involved when selling your Litecoin.

Some banks might charge a processing or transaction fee. This is not related to Paybis.

What Credit Cards Are Accepted for Selling Litecoin?

Currently, only Visa-branded cards are accepted if you want to sell LTC. The selling process is quick and can be completed within minutes.

There are certain limitations to keep in mind. You can withdraw Litecoin within a daily order limit ranging from $5 to $20,000 (these limits may vary based on the payment method, location, and other regulatory changes).

The limitations ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and help maintain a secure environment for transactions.

What Are The Requirements to Withdraw LTC Funds?

Before selling Litecoin and withdrawing funds, you must complete a few requirements.

You need to register for a Paybis account.

Next, you should verify your email and undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process, which involves submitting basic ID documents such as a passport or driver's license.

You'll be required to pass a video selfie for verification purposes.

Our support team is on standby 24x7 to help you complete verification in under 15 minutes.

Once these steps are completed, you can proceed to transfer your Litecoin to the generated wallet address.

Now you know how to sell LTC to USD.