How to use the Uniswap calculator

This Uniswap calculator is the perfect tool for calculating and tracking the value of hundreds of cryptos. By default, it works as a Uniswap to USD converter: type in an amount of UNI, and this tool will immediately convert it to USD. Click on the dropdown menus, and this becomes a true Swiss army knife of currency converters, with 400+ cryptos and 90+ local currencies to choose from! Don't worry, we keep track of them all: the currency rates are constantly renewed, so you get the most accurate estimates. Like what you see? Hit the “Buy now” button to get your crypto in just a few minutes! We promise your transaction will be just as simple and intuitive as using this converter.

Who can use this tool

This UNI to USD calculator is powered by Paybis, an exchange that believes in making crypto accessible to anyone who wants it. We built this tool with the same idea in mind. If you're taking your first steps in crypto, you'll appreciate the ease-of-use of our SushiSwap to USD converter. You can start using it right away! If you already own crypto, this is the perfect converter to keep in your bookmark bar. We all know that trading apps can get addictive, keeping you hooked with endless features. This SUSHI converter is clear and uncluttered, so you can focus on what matters. Finally, no matter where you are in the world, odds are this tool supports your local currency — click on the drop-down menu to check.

Why choose our UNI calculator

  • Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros;

  • Convert between hundreds of currency pairs with ease;

  • Automatically updated with the latest rates, giving you the most accurate estimates;

  • Select the most popular currency pairs with a single click;

  • The only Uniswap calculator powered by Paybis, so you can buy UNI on this very site!

More about Uniswap

When researching crypto, you'll inevitably come across the term DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance. DeFi aims to move many traditional financial services on the blockchain, and Uniswap is no exception. It aims to build a decentralized crypto trading platform allowing users to exchange — or swap, hence the name — different crypto tokens. The DeFi is an exciting concept, and we encourage you to do your own research on it. Still, joining the DeFi revolution is simple: just scroll back up to our UNI calculator, see how much UNI you can get, and hit the “Buy now” button to get started!

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