Getting started with 0x calculator

We've built this 0x calculator to be simple and intuitive, so you can get started right away. Still, there are some features you don't want to miss. First, it's an accurate 0x to USD calculator; all the rates are always updated, so you know you get the latest estimates. Click on the dropdown menu, and you can use this 0x calculator with 90+ local currencies! Other powerful tools, such as ZRX price history, are just a few clicks away!

Who can use this calculator

At Paybis, we believe in making crypto widely accessible, and this ZRX calculator is built with the same principle in mind. No matter if you're just starting out or are a seasoned crypto veteran, our 0x value calculator has you covered. The wide range of supported currencies is a useful feature for international customers. Just pick the currency you're most familiar with! Of course, you can also use it as an accurate ZRX to USD converter. And other powerful tools are right here, on this very site. You can even buy your crypto in a few clicks!

What makes this ZRX calculator special

  • Works as an up-to-date 0x to dollar converter and also supports 90+ currencies from around the world;

  • Easy access to the most common currency pairs and amounts;

  • Simple and intuitive design with powerful features;

  • Perfectly integrated in the Paybis exchange, so you can get your 0x when the price is right!

A brief overview of 0x

0x is the native token of the 0x protocol which allows users to exchange ERC-20 tokens without the need for a centralized crypto exchange. 0x is used to reward the users of this protocol and as a governance token. It can also be seen as an investment in the platform. Sounds interesting? Scroll back up to this ZRX calculator to get started — and, when you’re ready, purchase 0x without leaving this site! 

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