Buy Bitcoin with FPX in Malaysia

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Online Banking in Malaysia

Buying BTC in Malaysia via Online Banking

Online banking, through gateways like FPX, is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, with a growing number of people opting for digital banks over traditional ones. Now, Malaysians can purchase BTC through online banking:
  1. Sign up for a free account on Paybis
  2. On top of this page enter how much BTC you want to purchase
  3. Enter your wallet address and complete the transaction
In a few minutes, you will get BTC in the wallet of your choosing.

Best Bitcoin Wallet to Choose for Malaysians

For Malaysians looking for the best Bitcoin wallets in 2024, a variety of options are available in both hardware and software.

Hardware wallets like Ledger and Tangem are very secure while software wallets prioritize convenience.

If you want the best of both worlds, we suggest the Paybis Wallet. All crypto stored in your Paybis Wallet is verifiable on-chain just like any other non-custodial wallet but users can access it with just their Paybis login credentials.

How Buy BTC with FPX

With Paybis, Malaysian users can now buy Bitcoin using FPX as well. FPX is essentially an extension of online banking services and is specifically designed for real-time online commercial transactions.

With FPX, transactions are real-time and highly secure, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy buying experience. This integration brings the convenience of using your trusted online banking service to securely and swiftly purchase Bitcoin.

To buy Bitcoin with FPX on Paybis:
  • Select Bitcoin: Log into Paybis, choose Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Choose FPX: Pick FPX as payment, enter the amount.
  • Authenticate and Confirm: Complete the transaction through your bank, then receive Bitcoin in your wallet.

Why is FPX Preferable to buy BTC in Malaysia

Using FPX to buy Bitcoin in Malaysia offers several advantages:
  • Convenience: Online banking allows you to easily transfer funds to cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • Security: When using a regulated digital asset exchange like Paybis in Malaysia, there's an added layer of security. FPX transactions are typically secure, and when combined with the security measures of regulated exchanges, it enhances the overall safety of the transaction.
  • Speed: Online banking transactions are often faster than other methods like wire transfers or using credit/debit cards.

Eligibility to Buy Bitcoin with Online Banking in Malaysia

To buy Bitcoin with FPX in Malaysia via Paybis, you must meet certain criteria.

Generally, you should be at least 18 years old and reside outside of restricted locations as specified by Paybis. It's important to accept and adhere to Paybis' Terms of Service.

Then, all you have to do is sign up on Paybis for free as a user, complete any required verification checks (it takes less than 5 minutes), and complete your first transaction.