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How does it work

How to buy Dogecoin with Neteller the easy way

If you're looking for a way to exchange Neteller to DOGE, we're here to help. Here's how to buy Dogecoin with Neteller at Paybis:

  • Enter the amount of DOGE you want to buy;

  • Open a Paybis account and pass a KYC test;

  • Copy and paste your crypto wallet address;

  • Make a payment and get your crypto!

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Some reasons to buy Dogecoin with Neteller

Neteller is a digital wallet that shares many similarities with a crypto wallet. It is used to store and manage your money, send and receive payments, and make purchases.

You may consider Neteller if you want to keep your crypto purchases separate from your main bank account. When you purchase DOGE with Neteller, this transaction won't show up in your bank statement.

And, if you already have some money in your Neteller account, you can go directly from Neteller to DOGE without withdrawing it to your bank account.

Where to buy Dogecoin with Neteller

No need to look any further — Paybis is a great place where to buy Dogecoin with Neteller! Here are just some reasons:

  • Fast and simple — even if this is your first time, you can exchange Neteller to DOGE in 15 minutes or less!

  • Safe and secure — all your data is safely encrypted to ensure complete confidentiality;

  • Live support 24/7 — if you ever need any help with your purchase, our support team is always there for you.

Neteller to DOGE: from one wallet to another

When you buy Dogecoin with Neteller at Paybis, we transfer it to your own crypto wallet.

If you use Neteller you're already familiar with digital wallets — and crypto wallets share many similarities. In fact, getting a crypto wallet is even easier than signing up for Neteller!

There is one notable difference, though. Crypto wallets don't have one central authority. It is one of the best things about crypto — yet this means that crypto transactions cannot be reversed. Make sure you can access your wallet before your purchase!

What to remember when you buy Dogecoin with Neteller

DOGE was first launched as a tongue-in-cheek take on other cryptos, and it retains much of its fun, lighthearted nature. Still, it's no joke: it has grown to be a Top 10 crypto by market cap.

Moreover, it has numerous real-world uses — and even some out-of-this-world uses! An upcoming space mission is funded by DOGE, making it the first crypto in outer space.

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