Cardano Price

$0.38 -1.946%
Market cap$17,113,300,244.71
Volume (24h)$156,199,293.30
Highest price (24h)$0.3892
Circulating supply45,000,000,000 ADA

What is Cardano

Cardano price has seen some impressive moves – so you may be wondering what's so special about this token. 

Cardano (ADA) is a prominent example of a group of cryptos often referred to as “Ethereum killers”. Much like Ethereum, Cardano worth comes from its ecosystem: it aims to be a complete platform for decentralized apps (dApps), rather than just a means of payment.

It features a number of improvements over Ethereum, a very active community and ongoing projects; all this has helped boost the price of Cardano. 

What moves ADA price

The first rule of any crypto is to do your own research. This Cardano price tracker is a great tool to help you do just that.

Try comparing Cardano price history with other cryptos. You'll see that it is not immune from the overall trends in the crypto market – although the ADA price has outperformed other cryptos at times.

Like other cryptos, it benefits from positive media exposure. In particular, Cardano value spiked during the launch of Cardano dApps. As more projects are launched on Cardano, it is likely that the current Cardano price will also increase.

How to use this tool

Our Cardano price chart is so simple and intuitive, you can start using it right away! And rest assured: other powerful features are right there when you need them.

  • It is always update with the live Cardano price, and historic data is easily accessible from the dropdown menus;

  • Click anywhere on the chart to see what the current Cardano price was at any given point;

  • In addition to ADA price in USD, this tracker also supports dozens of other local currencies – just click on the dropdown menu;

  • And, as this tracker is powered by the Paybis crypto exchange, other powerful tools are right at your fingertips! Check out our ADA calculator – or, if you prefer, there's also a dedicated ADA to USD converter.

What can you do with ADA

One notable thing about Cardano is its strong community. It has active forums, regular events and, of course, strong developers. It is a great place to start your crypto research!

ADA is also necessary to use the Cardano dApps – and, as noted, new dApps often cause ADA price increases. For example, you can buy NFTs on a Cardano-powered marketplace using ADA.

You can also stake your ADA, that is, invest them and earn interest. This is a great option if you hold your crypto in the long term.

Simply put, if you're new to crypto and looking for a token with an active and welcoming community that helps you get started – take a closer look at ADA.

Cardano price today

So, as you can see, many factors are moving the Cardano price today. There's the ongoing development of the platform, there's the overall state of the crypto market, and, of course, there's the success of the token itself.

Consider Cardano price in the long run. Despite being dubbed “the Ethereum killer”, Cardano doesn't need to destroy any other crypto; instead, it can coexist and even thrive with other platforms.

Of course, all investment decisions are up to you. And, if you decide ADA has a future and the Cardano price now is a great buying opportunity – buy Cardano right here at Paybis and join the community today!