Decred Price

$12.53 +0.001%
Market cap$290,436,167.18
Volume (24h)$1,311,858.25
Highest price (24h)$19.07
Circulating supply16,121,041.003 DCR

What info is displayed on DCR price chart?

The Paybis DCR price chart displays the following data:

  • Live DCR price

  • Current Market Cap of DCR

  • 24hr Volume of DCR

  • Highest price of DCR in the last 24 hours

  • Circulating supply of DCR

  • Price of DCR in 50+ fiat currencies

You can also use the Decred to US Dollar converter tool.

Decred price today

DCR's role as a digital currency and governance token in the Decred ecosystem is crucial. 

Its price reflects both market sentiment and the perceived value of the Decred network. While the Decred price today may be volatile, understanding this fluctuation is key. 

Our price chart and DCR calculator can help:

  • Track Real-time Trends: Observe live Decred price movements and historical patterns.

  • Customizable Views: Filter the DCR price chart by various time frames and currencies.

  • Market Insights: Gain insights into market cap, 24hr volume, and circulating supply.

Analyzing Decred price trends

Understanding the trends in DCR price can be vital for making informed investment decisions. Using Paybis' price chart, users can:

  • Identify Patterns: Look at daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly trends to understand short and long-term market behaviors.

  • Compare Currency Values: Convert DCR to USD or other fiat currencies for a broader market perspective.

  • Make Informed Decisions: While trend analysis can provide valuable insights, remember that market predictions are never certain.

What is Decred?

Decred (DCR) is a unique cryptocurrency that blends both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanisms, offering a hybrid approach to blockchain security and governance.

This design ensures that no single group can control the entire decision-making process. 

Decred's primary aim is to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem where stakeholders have a say in the development.

Keep an eye on the current Decred price to understand its market movements.

Who invented DCR?

Decred was created by a group of Bitcoin developers who sought to address issues related to governance and centralization in Bitcoin.

They launched Decred in 2016, emphasizing community input, open governance, and sustainable funding for development.

How Decred Works

Decred's hybrid PoW/PoS system allows for a more inclusive decision-making process, where miners and coin holders work together to secure the network and vote on proposed changes. This dual system enhances security and ensures decentralization. Key Features:

  • Stakeholder Voting: DCR holders can participate in decision-making by locking their coins and voting on key issues and proposed changes.

  • Decentralized Governance: A decentralized governance model where all stakeholders have a voice, ensuring a fair and transparent decision-making process.

  • Development Subsidy: Decred allocates a portion of block rewards to a development fund, ensuring continuous funding for improvement and innovation.

How will DCR price change in the future?

The future price of Decred (DCR) is influenced by several factors, including its unique governance model, technological advancements, and general market conditions. Future developments in Decred's technology, like enhanced privacy features or scalability improvements, could positively impact its value. Additionally, the broader acceptance and use of blockchain technology will likely play a significant role in shaping DCR's future price. While accurate predictions are challenging, staying informed about both Decred's project developments and market trends is crucial for understanding its potential future value.


What is the price of one Decred (DCR)?

To find the current price of DCR, please refer to the price chart above. Remember, the price is subject to frequent changes.

How many people own 1 Decred (DCR)?

As one person may own more than one wallet, there is no sure-shot way to say how many people own 1 DCR or more. You can find how many wallets own more than 1 Decred on blockchain explorers.

What is the highest price of Decred (DCR) in history?

Historical price peaks can be viewed on our price chart, providing a comprehensive look at DCR's price history.