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Kyber Network Price

$0.6396 +4.612%
Market cap$142,531,421.96
Volume (24h)$2,879,571.70
Highest price (24h)$0.6442
Circulating supply224,423,589.926 KNC

What is Kyber Network Crystal

Kyber Network Crystal is the native token of a decentralized finance (DeFI) project named Kyber Network. The network aims to provide liquidity for other DeFi projects, aggregating it from different sources.

Kyber Network Crystal value is derived from its use in the project: holders can stake their tokens to earn interest and vote on different proposals. 

What can move KNC price

The price of Kyber Network Crystal is connected to the crypto market in general. First, KNC price is not immune from any large movements in the market, such as market-wide rallies and selloffs. Second, Kyber Network Crystal worth also depends on the continued success of other cryptos.  

Also note that Kyber Network retains some control over KNC. In particular, they can issue new KNC, upgrade the token, or burn existing tokens. All this can have an effect on Kyber Network Crystal price.

How to use this price chart

This Kyber Network Crystal price tracker combines ease-of-use with accuracy and reliability. 

It is continually refreshed with the latest data, giving you the live Kyber Network Crystal price. At the same time, it provides easy access to Kyber Network Crystal price history; just click on the drop-down menu to select different time ranges.

In addition to showing KNC price in USD, it supports dozens of local currencies. This means that international users can view KNC price in the currency they're most familiar with. 

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Why investors buy KNC

Much like other DeFi tokens, KNC is a way of investing in the underlying project. If the project succeeds, Kyber Network Crystal worth stands to benefit.

It can also be staked, that is, locked up to earn interest. This can be an attractive option for those who hold their tokens for a longer period of time, waiting for Kyber Network Crystal price to increase.

And, of course, KNC can be another way to diversify your portfolio.

Kyber Network Crystal price today

As you can see, Kyber Network Crystal price today depends on numerous factors. It may be helpful to take a longer-term view.

In particular, you may want to consider the long-term prospects of decentralized finance projects. Kyber Network helps develop other DeFi projects, and its success is connected to DeFi in general.

Do your own research here; any investment decisions are your own. Remember, though: Kyber Network Crystal price now can change in a matter of hours. With Paybis, you can buy your crypto in a matter of minutes and never miss a great opportunity!