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Voyager Token Price

$0.08841 -24.564%
Market cap$33,377,690.29
Volume (24h)$6,458,615.89
Highest price (24h)$0.09415
Circulating supply377,528,448.087 VGX

What Info Is Displayed on VGX Price Chart?

The Paybis VGX price chart is a comprehensive tool that provides vital information:

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This chart is your gateway to understanding VGX’s market trends and value.

Voyager Token Price Today

VGX, as a crucial part of the Voyager ecosystem, reflects the vibrant activity and fluctuations inherent in the crypto market. The current Voyager Token price is dynamic, making real-time tracking essential for investors. Our price chart offers:

  • Real-time VGX price updates

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Analyzing Voyager Token Price Trends

Analyzing VGX price trends is key to understanding its market behavior. Our Paybis VGX price chart provides:

  • Detailed insights into VGX's price movements over various time frames

  • Easy currency conversion for comparative analysis

Remember, while trend analysis is a powerful tool, it's not a guaranteed predictor of future prices. Diversification and professional advice are recommended.

What is Voyager Token?

Voyager Token, formerly known as Ethos, is integral to the Voyager ecosystem, a cryptocurrency broker providing users with access to a wide range of digital assets.

VGX, the platform's native token, enhances user interaction by offering rewards, enhanced yield, and other functional utilities within the Voyager environment. 

It's essential to keep track of the VGX price in real time, as it reflects the token's current market value and overall health of the Voyager platform.  You can also go to VGX calculator to convert its value to fiat currency.

Who Invented VGX?

VGX was initially launched as Ethos by Shingo Lavine. It was designed to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, simplifying the process of purchasing and managing a diverse portfolio of coins. 

The rebranding to Voyager Token occurred following the acquisition of Ethos by Voyager, a move that expanded its functionality and integration within the Voyager ecosystem.

How Voyager Token Works

Voyager Token operates within the Voyager platform, a cryptocurrency broker that provides a seamless connection between multiple exchanges. VGX adds value through several mechanisms:

  • User Rewards: Holding VGX earns users interest, increasing their crypto holdings.

  • Utility in Services: VGX can be used for various services within the Voyager platform, including paying for fees.

  • Community Participation: VGX holders can participate in community governance, influencing the future direction of the Voyager platform.

How Will VGX Price Change in the Future?

Voyager Token's future price will be influenced by several factors including Voyager's performance, adoption rates, and overall market trends in the cryptocurrency sector. As Voyager continues to innovate and expand its services, VGX could see varying degrees of market interest. For the most current insights, refer to the Paybis VGX price chart, and consider all market dynamics when making investment decisions.


What is the price of one VGX? 

Check the latest VGX price on the Paybis VGX price chart. Prices are updated in real-time due to market volatility.

Who has the most VGX? 

Binance has 130,000,000 VGX tokens by December 2023.

How much VGX is left? 

VGX doesn't have a capped supply; instead, its circulation is governed by the Voyager platform's policies, it has a max total supply of 293 million VGX coins.

How many people own 1 VGX? 

There are over 8,000 wallets that hold at least 1 VGX. But one person may own more than one wallet so it is difficult to estimate the exact number of individuals who own 1 VGX or more

What is the highest price of VGX in history?

For historical peak prices of VGX, consult the Paybis VGX price chart, which offers an extensive record of its price history.