Revain Price

$0.0000697 0.000%
Market cap$5,928,427.32
Volume (24h)$727.03
Highest price (24h)$0.0000697
Circulating supply85,056,346,011.834 REV

What Info Is Displayed on REV Price Chart?

The Paybis REV price chart offers detailed information about Revain's market position:

  • Live REV price

  • Current Market Cap of REV

  • 24hr Volume of REV

  • Highest price of REV in the last 24 hours

  • Circulating supply of REV

  • Conversion of REV price into various fiat currencies

This chart is a vital tool for anyone interested in the current and historical performance of REV.

Revain Price Today

The current price of Revain reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the blockchain-based review sector. Our Paybis REV price tracker provides:

  • Up-to-the-minute REV price updates

  • Conversion options for REV into multiple fiat currencies, including USD

  • Insights into market cap, trading volume, and circulating supply

Utilize our tracker for a comprehensive view of the Revain market. If you wish to understand the US Dollar conversion of REV tokens, then go to REV to USD price calculator.

Analyzing Revain Price Trends

Analyzing the trends in REV price is key to understanding its market movements. The Paybis REV price chart assists users by offering:

  • Detailed views of REV price changes over various time frames

  • Options for converting REV into different currencies for broader analysis

As with all cryptocurrencies, it's important to remember that while analysis can provide insights, it does not guarantee future performance. Diversify your investments and consider seeking professional financial advice.

What is Revain?

Revain is a blockchain-based review platform designed for authentic user feedback on products and services. It aims to revolutionize the review industry by ensuring reliability and transparency using blockchain technology. 

REV is the native token of Revain, playing a crucial role in rewarding users for high-quality reviews and incentivizing honest feedback. 

Monitoring the REV price in real-time is essential to understand its value within the ecosystem and the market at large. You can go to Paybis REV calculator to convert its value to fiat currency.

Who Invented REV?

Revain was launched in 2018 by a team of developers led by Rinat Arslanov, with the vision of creating a trustworthy review system. 

The platform was developed to address issues of fake reviews and lack of transparency in traditional review systems, making REV a cornerstone in achieving this objective.

How Revain Works

Revain's platform is distinguished by its use of blockchain technology to maintain review integrity. Key functionalities include:

  • Immutable Reviews: Once submitted, reviews are permanently stored on the blockchain, preventing alteration or deletion.

  • Reward System: Users are incentivized with REV tokens for contributing valuable and honest feedback.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The platform uses AI to filter out low-quality or fraudulent reviews, maintaining a high standard of content.

  • User Engagement: REV tokens are used within the ecosystem for various activities, including accessing premium features and participating in community governance.

How Will REV Price Change in the Future?

The future price of REV will be influenced by several factors, including the adoption and growth of the Revain platform, its user base, and overall market trends in the crypto and review sectors. As Revain continues to innovate and capture more market share, the value of REV could reflect these developments. 

Stay updated with the latest market insights by referring to the Paybis REV price chart, and consider a wide range of factors when planning your investment strategy.


What is the price of one REV? 

Check the Paybis REV price chart for the most recent REV price, updated in real-time due to market fluctuations.

Who has the most REV? 

Few private wallets have the most REV tokens like 0xd290d1 which has over 2.1 million REV, but Indodax, a technology-based company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field, has nearly 220,000 REV tokens.

How much REV is left? 

REV has a fixed supply, with distribution governed by the platform's rules and mechanisms. Revain token has a circulating supply of 84.55B coins with a max supply of 85.06B REV.

How many people own 1 REV? 

There are over 91,000 wallets that hold at least 1 WAN. But one person may own more than one wallet so it is difficult to estimate the exact number of individuals who own 1 WAN or more.

What is the highest price of REV in history? 

For historical high prices of REV, consult the historical data on the Paybis REV price chart.