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Shiba Inu Price

$0.00001017 +5.717%
Market cap$6,037,317,706.45
Volume (24h)$273,227,427.80
Highest price (24h)$0.00001051
Circulating supply589,606,511,504,839 SHIB

What is Shiba Inu

SHIB stands out for several reasons. You may have noticed the low price of Shiba Inu, or you may have heard its “Dogecoin killer” moniker. So what is it?

Shiba Inu indeed draws inspiration from Dogecoin — and it goes beyond its name. Much like Dogecoin, it is a fun and affordable way to enter crypto. The current Shiba Inu price is subject to fluctuations, but it still remains much cheaper than other cryptos.

What SHIB price depends on

SHIB currently has limited utility on its own, so Shiba Inu price tends to follow the overall trends in crypto. It is further boosted by its meme status and aggressive marketing. The total Shiba Inu value often puts it among top 50 cryptos by market cap.

Much like most cryptos, SHIB price is highly volatile and can move on news pieces, investor risk appetite, and even social media posts. Check the Shiba Inu price history to see how volatile it can get — of course, keeping in mind that historic data does not mean a similar performance in the future.

How to use this price tracker

Using this Shiba Inu price tracker could not be simpler! By default, it shows the SHIB price in USD over the last 24 hours. Click on the dropdown menus to select different currencies and time ranges.

The Shiba Inu price chart shows a general overview of the price action. Click on the chart for more details.

The chart is constantly updated, so you're always getting the live Shiba Inu price.

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Why crypto enthusiasts buy Shiba Inu

SHIB styles itself as a successor to Dogecoin, and that is one way of looking at it. Much like Dogecoin at its inception, Shiba Inu price now is remarkably low. Of course, it does not mean it would see similar performance as Dogecoin, so do your own research.

SHIB is an easy introduction to cryptocurrencies. Once you know how to buy and store SHIB, you know how to buy and store any other crypto!

Finally, it makes for a fun gift. At the current Shiba Inu worth, you can get a million SHIB at a very reasonable price — and a million of anything is bound to leave an impression! 

Shiba Inu price today

SHIB price depends on multiple factors, ranging from the overall market sentiment to something as unpredictable as social media posts and celebrity endorsements.

This chart shows you the Shiba Inu price today, along with historic data. You get a clear overview you can then use to make informed investment decisions.

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