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USD Coin Price

$0.9999 -0.006%
Market cap$32,674,560,999.58
Volume (24h)$1,526,860,344.86
Highest price (24h)$1.002
Circulating supply32,677,756,422.422 USDC

What is USD Coin

USD Coin is what's known as stablecoin, that is, a crypto that is pegged to another asset. In this case, the price of USD Coin is set at one US dollar.

Note that this doesn't mean that USDC price will always be exactly 1 USD. It is still subject to supply and demand, so some small fluctuations are still possible. This page always features the live USD Coin price, so you can be sure this chart will show even the smallest shifts.

The idea behind stablecoins is that they reduce the volatility that's often associated with other cryptos. 

What keeps the USDC price stable

USDC is managed by a consortium of companies known as Centre. The consortium keeps the USD Coin value stable by requiring its members to hold one USD in reserve for each USDC they issue. This ensures that the USDC price in USD remains relatively constant. 

Centre counts the crypto exchange Coinbase among its members. The membership is also open to other companies, provided they meet the Centre requirements.

How to use this price tracker

This USD Coin price tracker provides a convenient overview of the current USD Coin price as well as the USD Coin price history. 

By default, this tracker shows the USD Coin price today or, more precisely, within the last 24 hours. Click anywhere on the USD Coin price chart for a more detailed explanation: you'll see what the exact USDC price was at that specific moment.

Click on the dropdown menus to switch between different local currencies and access historic data. 

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Where can you use USD Coin

USDC has been specifically designed as a less volatile cryptocurrency. Of course, USD Coin price is still subject to the same volatility as USD price, but it tends to be significantly lower than that of other cryptos.

This makes USD Coin a useful hedge against volatility. You can still store it in your wallet and quickly exchange it for other assets. In fact, stablecoins are a popular way to purchase other cryptos.

USD Coin price today

As a stablecoin, the USD Coin price now hovers around one USD. When clicking on historic price data, you'll see that the price has indeed remained stable, just like it was supposed to do.

Of course, it applies to the USDC price in US dollars; the price in EUR would follow the same movements as the EUR/USD currency pair.

This stability makes USD Coin a popular crypto. The total USD Coin worth puts it among the 10 largest cryptos by market cap.

So, if you're looking for a stable and widespread crypto, consider USD Coin. And, if you're looking for a reliable crypto exchange — look no further than Paybis! Scroll back up and hit the “Buy” button to get started!