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VeThor Token Price

$0.00275 +0.405%
Market cap$211,827,464.17
Volume (24h)$3,211,350.72
Highest price (24h)$0.002913
Circulating supply77,108,580,760 VTHO

What is VeThor Token

Trying to make sense of VeThor Token price movements? Read on!

VeThor Token or VTHO is a token used by the VeChain Thor platform, along with another token called VeChain Token (VET).

VeChain Thor is a blockchain specifically designed for enterprise use, and the dual token system reflects it. VeThor Token worth is not directly correlated to VeChain Token. Instead, VTHO is used as an “energy token” to pay for VeChain transactions, while VET is more of a store of value.

What can move VTHO price

As noted, the price of VeThor Token is not in any way pegged to VET, although both tokens benefit from the increased use and adoption of VeChain.

In general, VeThor price is not immune from the overall trends in the crypto market. Do your own research here: for example, try using this VeThor price tracker to compare VTHO price movements to other cryptos.

Of course, if you decide to invest in VTHO, it's also a great idea to research the VeChain Thor platform. If the platform is actively used, VeThor Token value also stands to increase.

Using this price tracker

This VeThor Token price chart is part of Paybis, a leading crypto exchange. We believe that crypto should be simple and accessible, and this tool follows the same principles.

  • By default, it shows the VTHO price in USD. If you're more familiar with other currencies, just click on the dropdown menus – this tool supports everything from AED to ZAR;

  • It is always updated to show you the live VeThor Token price, and VeThor Token price history is always available from the dropdown menus;

  • Other convenient crypto tools are at your disposal. Check out our VTHO calculator, always updated with the current VeThor Token price in 90+ local currencies. There's also a dedicated VTHO to USD converter.

Possible uses of VTHO

As noted, VTHO is widely used on the VeChain Thor platform. Among other things, it is used to execute transactions and smart contracts.

You cannot stake the VTHO token itself, as it is used to run the platform. You can, however, earn VTHO by staking VET.

And, like many other cryptos, you can HODL your VTHO if you believe the VeThor Token price now is lower than it'll be in the future.

VeThor Token price today

As this brief introduction shows, VeThor token price today is a combination of different factors: the use of the VeChain Thor platform, any major upgrades or launches on the platform and, of course, the overall state of the crypto market.

As with any crypto, your own research is key to understanding VTHO. Paybis is a great place to start your research on dozens of cryptos – and, when you're ready, get your crypto with ease! Scroll back up to get started!