Best Cryptocurrency App for Investing, Trading, & Tracking

Best Cryptocurrency App for Investing, Trading, & Tracking

A lack of overview can quickly become daunting, especially in financial markets. New users need all the help they can get.

Thankfully, we now have tools that can help you buy, track, and follow your crypto investments. The best part? You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use them! Modern-day investment tools are simple apps that anyone can use.

So what’s the holdup? Browse through this list and discover the best crypto app for your needs. Download your favorite tools, navigate the market without fear, and become part of an ever-growing community.


Best app to buy crypto

Buying crypto on your mobile device comes its own risks. Make sure you limit the funds stored on your phone and always implement the proper security measures. Let’s look at the options.


Paybis app

​​​​Download for Android | Download for iOS

Paybis is the most convenient method to start buying crypto. Its app offers a number of benefits that other apps do not, and is therefore the best option for your first purchase. Aside from the large number of available cryptocurrencies and its clean interface, the Paybis app provides direct access to a dedicated support team that is always available to assist with your purchase. This best reflects on the platform’s Trustpilot score, where existing users give it a 4,5/5 stars, making it the best crypto app on this list.

Fees: First transaction – no Paybis fee | Following orders – 0.99% – 2.59% Paybis fee


  • ​​Buy crypto on your external or internal wallet of the app
  • Alternative methods for fiat-to-crypto purchases
  • Numerous price tracking tools and custom alerts
  • Best app to buy crypto in your native currency
  • Worldwide availability, including 48 US states



Coinbase app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Coinbase is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange but is often controversial when it comes to customer service. The platform has an app that is best suited for new investors who wish to exchange and track cryptocurrency from the comfort of their phones. The app is a good choice for beginners who wish to invest relatively small amounts of money, but note that funds are stored in a custodial fashion and can thus be accessed by Coinbase.

Fees: $0.99 to $2.99 + 0,50%


  • Lots of security add ons to improve safety
  • Track cryptocurrency in your native currency
  • Opportunity to earn small amounts of crypto
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • 100+ cryptocurrencies available



Crypto.com app

​​Download for Android | Download for iOS

While not the most popular exchange, Crypto.com was the first platform to work on cryptocurrency debit cards. They are the first platform to work on all aspects of crypto investing, from the purchase, all the way to the spending. Users who hold the native token earn up to 14,5% annual return on their holdings plus a generous 10% cashback on their purchases. Buying crypto is very easy, and the KYC process is completed within a few minutes. If you’re planning to put a generous part of your savings in crypto and need to access it for small purchases, Crypto.com is a great choice.

Fees: 0.04% to 0.4% trading fees | 2.99% for credit card purchases


  • High yield for savings and staking, especially for the platform’s native tokens
  • Debit card panel accessible through the app, with many extras
  • Large number of available cryptocurrencies
  • Price tracking panel



Kraken app

​​Download for Android | Download for iOS

Kraken was established in 2011 and is one of the most reputable exchanges. The platform has a dedicated app to simplify the process of buying, storing, and selling cryptocurrency, with an interface that is similar to that of Blockchain wallet (check below). It is a great “beginner’s” app for those who are looking to invest through a safe option. Kraken’s CEO recently warned users that, in case of legal requirement, the exchange could block access to selected users, a fact which created a sense of uncomfort among users. Nonetheless, there have not been any issues so far, and reviews indicate an overal satisfied audience.

Fees: 1.5% for instant buy, sell, or convert orders


  • 24/7 online global support in multiple languages
  • Wider coin selection for staking with higher yields
  • Hold certain fiat currencies in your portfolio
  • High deposit and withdrawal limits


Best crypto trading app

The following apps are most suited for day traders and swing traders. They are also good for investors who want access to a larger section of cryptocurrencies. With the exception of Binance, trading apps do not allow direct fiat to crypto purchases.


Binance app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Binance is one of the most popular and fastest-growing exchanges. Founded in 2017, it has managed to establish itself as the #1 app to trade crypto for both amateur and experienced traders. With 350+ cryptocurrencies, detailed charts with indicators, as well as numerous financial products, investors consider it the best app to trade crypto. It also has a Lite version, which makes the interface minimalistic and less “bulky”.

Fees: 0.0525% – 0.1% trading fee | 1%-3% when buying crypto with card


  • Cheapest trading fees in the market
  • Highest trading volume and liquidity globally
  • Versatility in product selection, including staking products
  • Order and use a Binance debit card that links to your phone
  • Send crypto to other Binance users with a simple 6-digit ID number


Kraken Pro

Kraken pro app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Kraken Pro is the trader’s version of the original Kraken exchange. The platform has very low fees, especially for users who trade with high volumes, and there are many ways to customize your dashboard. For experienced traders, there is up to 5x margin leverage, as well as futures trading. For large investors, there is an OTC desk with dedicated account managers. All in all, it is a great platform for more advanced traders.

Fees: 0% – 0.26% (1.5% for instant buy, sell, or convert orders) 


  • A large number of charting tools
  • Filters for a more tailored experience
  • Trading fees are lower than Kraken.com
  • Margin trading and advanced order type selection



AscenEx app

​​Download for Android | Download for iOS

Formerly known as Bitmax, this Chinese exchange changed its branding in March 2021 to attract a global audience. Fees might be a little higher than the options above, but users will quickly realise the vast number of altcoins that are not found on any other centralized platform. The interface is a little more challenging than regular exchanges but still easier than the trading apps in this list. 

Fees: Large MC Tokens – 0.1% | Altcoins – 0.2%


  • Option for copy trading
  • Opportunities to earn passive income on your investments
  • User-friendly interface, ideal for new crypto traders
  • best crypto trading app for less-popular coins and tokens


Best crypto wallet app

The following wallet apps are non-custodial, meaning that you can use them for sending and storing without creating a verified account. However, if you wish to use them to their full potential, you’ll need to go through KYC.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Trust Wallet grew to popularity in 2018, after Binance acquired and promoted it as its official wallet service. It is the first mobile wallet app that enables users to access DeFi protocols and decentralized exchanges, making it the most privacy-oriented method to exchange crypto online. There is a large number of cryptocurrencies available and most of them can be staked for passive income. Finally, Trust Wallet is the only app that enables users to buy tokens of BNB chain in an easy way. We recommend this app for more experienced users that wish to learn more about DeFi and its use cases.

Fees: Only network fees (Binance fees apply when buying crypto with fiat)


  • Access to DeFi protocols and DEXs
  • Access to all projects on BNB chain
  • More layers of security for increased protection
  • Non-custodial and non-KYC


Blockchain wallet

Blokchain wallet app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Blockchain wallet has been around for more than a decade and is widely known as the best crypto wallet app in the space. In our opinion, it is the best wallet for users who want to gradually migrate from centralized storage (exchanges) to non-custodial options. It has a very simple interface which makes onboarding much easier compared to trading apps and supports the biggest cryptocurrencies; a lot less, however, than Trust wallet.

Fees: Only network fees


  • 100% anonymous – no KYC when sending, receiving, and storing crypto
  • Send and receive funds by scanning QR codes from your device
  • Optional crypto trading option when verifying your identity
  • Access from any (and multiple) devices simultaneously
  • Upcoming debit card announced; spend crypto easier


Best crypto app for beginners

If you have never bought crypto before and want to start slowly, you might want to do so through a banking app. You can also use platforms that have a broader investment selection. Our top picks are presented below.


Revolut app

​​Download for Android | Download for iOS

Revolut offers a large number of banking and investment services but does so with certain limitations. Users that buy cryptocurrency receive a virtual representation of its value and not the actual coins; these are actually held by Revolut’s banking partner on your behalf. While this has caused lots of contradictive feelings among users, it is often considered the best crypto app for beginners.

Fees: Up to 1,49% depending on user’s subscription plan


  • 30+ popular cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, DOGE, SOL, ADA
  • Recurring buy option to dollar-cost average into your favorite coin
  • Certain users are able to withdraw and transfer crypto to external wallets
  • Despite offering custodial storage, funds are stored in cold wallets



Robinhood app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Robinhood is a great app for beginners, especially those located in the US. It has a large diversity of tokens and instant deposits for verified accounts. Note that the exchange has previously limited access to users who were counter trading the market during the GameStop fiasco, which raises questions related to the platform’s ethical behaviour and market manipulation. Despite that, it is a good entry point for new investors, and there is an extensive knowledge base to help you become smarter in all things crypto. 

Fees: No fees


  • Zero fees when buying or selling cryptocurrency
  • Start investing with as little as $1 and scale it up as you go
  • ​​Supports all US states except of Hawaii and Nevada
  • Large number of cryptocurrencies for the US market


Best crypto investment app

The following apps will help you improve your investment tracking while also giving a good overview of important market metrics.

Blockfolio (by FTX)

Blockfolio app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

Blockfolio is an app that enables you to track your portfolio without actually having to access your funds. Simply input your holdings on the virtual tracker and safely track the growth of your investments in a grouped fashion. For example, you might use three different exchanges and one hardware wallet to spread your crypto holdings. By using Blockfolio, you can enter the funds you hold in all places, together or separately, and track them in a convenient manner. 

Blockfolio got recently acquired by FTX, who added more features to the app. Users can now also purchase crypto and store it by using FTX’s dashboard from within the Blockfolio app. Reviews, however, suggest that there are some issues on that front for the time being.



Download for Android | Download for iOS

Coinmarketcap is best utilized when you need to review market data, set custom alerts, check price rankings, and make currency conversions. The app has a large number of tools that can help you make better research on the coins that interest you while simultaneously keeping track of your investments, much like you would with Blockfolio. The only difference here is that you’ll need to first create an account before using the app to its full potential. 

Recently the app has introduced widgets that depict crypto data on your home screen without having to actually open the app. There is also a news section that can be filtered depending on the coins you’re looking for. All in all, it takes somewhat of a learning curve to learn the ins and outs of the app, but its versatility makes it the best crypto investment app.



CoinGecko app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

CoinGecko is the biggest competitor of CoinMarketCap, and they both offer a similar service. While the former is mainly seen as the underdog between the two, we find that it has a minimalistic user interface which makes it easier to use by beginners. 

The platform is not owned by a centralized crypto exchange, unlike CoinMarkerCap which is owned by Binance. Some users feel that this makes CoinGecko more unbiased in terms of trust scores, showing a more objective overall picture. That said, we wouldn’t label it as the best crypto tracking app compared to the other options in this category. 


Best crypto news app

There are several apps dealing with crypto news and alerts on coin updates. We have chosen the two apps that can greatly improve the time and reliability of your research.

CryptoNews: Prices, Alerts

CryptoNews Prices, Alerts app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

If you’re tired of opening multiple tabs at the same time to scroll through the top industry news, then this app is a lifesaver. CryptoNews tracks all large crypto publications and media outlets, making sure that you don’t miss any updates. You can also import a heavily filtered Twitter feed, which you can then cross-compare to the latest news. 

The app’s PRO version, which comes at a small cost, removes all ads and enables you to read content offline, which some users might find very useful. Overall, it is the best crypto app focused on crypto news and is thus worth checking out.



LunarCrush app

Download for Android | Download for iOS

While not necessarily the best crypto news app, LunarCrush is the app you need when trying to extract sentiment data based on social signals. If you’re wondering what investors “think” or “feel” about a certain coin at any given time, this is the tool you want to be using. 

Data is mainly quantitative in nature, and is thus not best for those who are looking more into a project’s fundamentals. For that you’re best off using the apps listed in the next chapter.


Best app for crypto “bros”

Wanna get more involved in the crypto community? Or discover new investment opportunities before they arise? Catch that very rewarding airdrop at an early stage? Then you should use Twitter and Discord. Either of the two is the best app for crypto engagement.

These popular apps are the “hotspot” of crypto investors, and by using them regularly you’ll learn more in a week than crypto courses will teach you in a year. The best part? You actually contribute to a growing community and get a good laugh with the memes!


What is the best crypto app combination?

For individuals who want to buy and store crypto in one place, Paybis is the easiest way to get started. The quick registration process, 24/7 customer support, and large selection of cryptocurrencies make it the best choice on this list. 

Users who prefer to store their funds on a non-custodial wallet app that expose as little personal information as possible, should choose an additional wallet app for this purpose. Here’s our favorite, and minimal, setup:

We like Trust wallet a little more than Blockchain wallet due to the higher number of available cryptocurrencies. Both, however, have excellent UX/UI, are non-custodial, and are very easy to use. In case you are just starting out, make sure you learn how to choose a crypto wallet app.

Finally, choose at least one portfolio tracker. For this, we recommend Blockfolio due to its ability to structure a virtual portfolio without having to log in. This way you can track your investment with peace of mind. 

That’s the basic setup! With these three apps, you’ll be able to buy, store, and track your coins with a few taps. If you wish to take things one step further you might choose to download a communication app like Twitter or Discord. This can improve your research and community engagement efforts. Traders might also benefit from apps like TradingView for charting and forecasting. From our experience, however, it is much easier to use charting tools from a desktop.



Which crypto exchange is best for US residents?

Paybis is the most convenient app for US residents who want to buy crypto. The app supports 48 US states and has an English-speaking customer support portal. US residents who prefer to engage in trading can do so by using an alternative app, like Binance US or FTX US. All options do not support IEO participation.

Are cryptocurrency apps secure?

The apps mentioned above are trusted by millions of users. They are also owned by highly reputable companies in the space. That said, it is always important to make sure you have selected the correct app before downloading it. Certain apps might be safer than others (non-custodial) since they are fully decentralized. This, however, comes with higher responsibility on the user side.

What’s the best cryptocurrency app for first-time investors?

Beginners are best off using Paybis for the reasons mentioned above. Alternatively, Blockchain wallet or Trust wallet would be our runner ups. These wallet apps have a minimalistic interface and are able to track your investment over time. By verifying your credentials you can also make purchases within the app.

What is the best crypto NFT app?

The OpenSea mobile app is our favorite option. It enables you to collect, bid on, and access NFTs from the comfort of your phone and is available for both iOS and Android. During 2021, OpenSea was one of the best money making apps, mainly due to the NFT craze that reached its peak.

Disclaimer: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more at: https://go.payb.is/FCA-Info