Cardano Price Prediction – Where are we headed in 2022?

Cardano Price Prediction – Where are we headed in 2022?

With bitcoin breaking past its ATH, many traders are now patiently waiting for the money to eventually flow through into the altcoin market. While there are now more than 7500 coins circulating the market, there are some that have proven their strength and resilience, waiting for the opportunity to bounce back.

One of these coins is ADA, the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano network. The controversial cryptocurrency with the even more controversial founder has set the barrier high for the coming year, and loyal HODLers think we are posed for wild profits.

In the following chapters, we will analyze where the cryptocurrency stands at the moment, where it is headed in the future, and give our honest Cardano price prediction for this market cycle. Ready to delve in? Let’s get started.

Cardano recent developments

The market has been relatively quiet since the latest bull run, and neither Cardano nor its founder Charles Hoskinson was often seen to make front-page news. Yet, as we are approaching the end of 2020, we are approaching our Bitcoin price prediction made a few years ago, and the altcoin markets follow suit. On that note, there are several developments related to Cardano that are worth mentioning:

  • In December 2020, the Cardano network will experience a hard fork, to introduce a token-locking feature in its mainnet. In short, ADA will be used to facilitate smart contract-based transactions, allowing also more custom tokens to be introduced within its network.
  • The foundation announced the rollout of the Shelley Testnet, which will allow members to choose a stake pool from an improved interface, in order to host their tokens. 
  • Cardano’s official wallet, Daedalus, is posed to undergo several upgrades to accommodate the increased demand of users and the trending features that we currently see in the market.
  • Similar to payment widgets that support cryptocurrency transactions with merchants (Coinbase Commerce, BitPay, etc), ADA will soon also be used as a payment method on all Shopify-powered e-commerce stores. Jeronimo Backes, an Australian programmer, is the one responsible for building the application and chose Cardano due to his personal interest and large financial investment.
  • ADA has managed to build one of the largest communities in the space:

cardano price prediction

Cardano price prediction 2020

While this year is slowly coming to an end, the crypto markets have exceeded all expectations. Bitcoin has broken through its prior ATH, and altcoins are expected to follow suit, with traders waiting for large pumps across all small-cap coins.

Being one of the top-10 coins, Cardano will draw a lot of retail interest during this phase. Apart from being one of the top coins, it is also easy to find in most exchanges across the globe, adding to its liquidity and accessibility.

We believe that, if a small-scale “altseason” is bound to occur before the end of the year, we could see ADA reaching $0,40 per coin. However, for this to happen we would need to expect massive profits similar to those seen in 2017. And as we currently experience market growth mainly through institutions and large buyers it’s hard to say how realistic this scenario actually is.

Cardano price prediction 2021

In 2021, we expect to see a lot of the aforementioned developments play out. We also expect a surge of retail interest as a result of the new all-time high of Bitcoin. By all accounts, 2021 is a very much awaited year, as it signalized the positive market conditions we also experienced in 2017 (when observed through 4-year market cycles).

Our Cardano price prediction for 2021 may shock some of you but derives when looking at the appreciation the coin experienced during the latest bull market.

ADA price prediction

During the bull market of 2017, Cardano grew from $0,02 to $1,27 in two short months. That is a 6250% growth. If ADA is posed to see the same price appreciation in the bull run of 2021 (given its current price) we could assume that it could top out at $10 before the end of the year.

However, this is still considered a mild estimation, assuming that ADA ends 2020 at the price it is currently at. If ADA would end the year at the price we predicted above ($0,40), it could peak at $25 per coin.

If history is bound to repeat, we tend to believe that ADA’s top price in this market cycle will be somewhere between the two numbers ($10-$25).

Cardano price prediction 2025

In 2025 we should experience the next bullish reversal of the market, after going through a (hopefully less painful than last time) bear market. 

Keep in mind that small-cap coins can be seen as early-stage startups that have to survive in an already overcrowded market. Most of them die off, and never reach the goals they initially set within their roadmap. 

If Cardano survives until 2025, it will have to continue providing value and separate itself in an authentic manner. If this happens, we can expect Cardano to grow even further in value, possibly even breaking $150 in value if the dynamics of market cycles maintain their current traction.

Alternatively, it is very possible that we see Cardano lose its steam and thus its value and market cap. If this happens (and the possibility of this scenario is much higher) Cardano should drop to a near-zero value.

Cardano price prediction 2030

A decade in the crypto space seems more like a century for experienced investors. Due to the high volatility of the markets, it is nearly impossible to predict where Bitcoin will be during that time, much less Cardano. 

The market will most likely experience a backlash from regulatory parties, and the participation within the industry might condense to support only those with high technical expertise. It is yet unknown whether crypto will spark retail interest if its price simply becomes too high to control by the current financial system.

Another factor we need to consider is the percentage split between institutional investors, HODLers, and short-term traders. At the moment, ADA is mainly used by traders who aim to increase their Bitcoin position in the long term. Only a fraction of investors is actually long-term HODLers who believe in the fundamentals of the project. As for institutional investors, it is not likely to see them enter in small-cap altcoins any time soon.

For Cardano to survive and thrive we would need to see more fundamentalists hold onto their coins and institutions showing interest in its potential. If this happens, the cryptocurrency could survive at 3-digit price rates. If not, it is most likely that Cardano will fail.

Cardano price prediction 2040

2040 doesn’t look much different when it comes to our ADA price prediction. As the years pass by we will see significant development and adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will play a significant role in worldly applications.

Being a smart-contract platform, we can expect ADA to become important for AI development and potentially offer other applications as well. At this point, it is hard to say if the value will grow further as anything above $200 would put its market-cap at unrealistic highs. And when we consider the current availability of coins, we can only expect to see more in the years ahead of us.

Overall, similar to the Cardano price prediction of 2030, we expect the coin to either climb to new highs (in this case ±$200) or decrease to a near-zero value.

Cardano price prediction 2050

Making a Cardano price prediction of any sort is very hard since more of our understanding comes from historic price tendencies, market sentiment, and subjective assumptions. This becomes even more difficult when projecting future ADA value without any type of tracker or price calculator.

As such, we can only imagine two scenarios coming into play here:

  • One is that Cardano continues to grow as our technological evolution puts more emphasis on smart contract technology. In this case, the value of ADA could exceed $400 per coin.
  • The other is that Cardano gets replaced by other, more promising smart contract platforms that fight to replace Ethereum. This scenario is obviously more likely as we have seen the total availability of coins grow by nearly 70% in less than 2 years. In this case, its price would either remain stagnant or decrease to near-zero price levels.

What do experts think of Cardano price prediction today?

  • Ryan Selkis, the founder of Messari, believes that we will see Cardano claiming one of the top 5 positions by market capitalization within 2021. For this to happen, the current crypto prices would need to double. Crypto data analysis firm Messari has some of the top analysts of the markets, and Ryan is well-known for predicting the pandemic-related Bitcoin crash in March.
  • Digitalcoinprice believes that Cardano will enter 2021 with a price slightly higher than $0.2 per coin. That seems realistic given the pricepoint that we currently observe.
  • PrevisioniBitcoin makes a bullish ADA forecast, claiming that would see the coin at $0,67 by the third quarter of 2021, and at least $1 before the end of the year.
  • Other smaller-scale opinion websites believe that Cardano will break through its prior ATH within 2021 since historic events tend to repeat. Some of them believe that we are poised to go much higher, but do not offer any substantial reasoning behind their claims.

Cardano price prediction tools

Price prediction tools and resources are split over the three different methodologies or price analysis.

Technical analysis tools

  • TradingView – Check the current Cardano price and perform technical analysis to better understand where the coin is headed in the short to mid-term future.
  • Cryptowatch – A great alternative to TradingView that offers a huge amount of technical analysis tools for free.
  • – Monitor the trading books of large exchange to better understand when a price reversal is bound to occur.

Sentiment analysis tools

  • LunarCrush – The tool offers a broad overview of social media activities for certain cryptocurrencies. When it comes to Cardano, you can observe a lot more information than you would if you research each platform separately. The tool offers a freemium model.
  • Cardano Foundation – The official Twitter channel of the Cardano foundation will help you get the latest news before anyone else does.
  • Cardano Community – The community-hosted Twitter channel is also a wealthy source of information when it comes to the progress, partnerships, and price action of ADA.
  • Charles Hoskinson – the Twitter channel of ADA’s founder, where you can derive useful information to determine the market sentiment.

Fundamental analysis tool


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ADA price prediction – Wrapping up

You should now have a better idea of our Cardano price prediction for 2021 and beyond. After reading this article, it is best to see a summary of our top predictions one last time, listed in a yearly order:

  • Cardano price prediction 2020 – $0,40 per coin (top price)
  • Cardano price prediction 2021 – $10-$25 per coin (top price)
  • Cardano price prediction 2025 – $150 per coin (top price)
  • Cardano price prediction 2030 – $150-$200 per coin (top price)
  • Cardano price prediction 2040 – $150-$200 per coin (top price)
  • Cardano price prediction 2050 – $400 per coin (top price)

It is important to note that these price predictions are based on our subjective assumptions, which derive from historical events in the crypto markets. There is no substantial evidence that we are moving in the direction one can see above. Therefore, it is important o educate yourself further before making any investment decisions.

Overall, nothing in this article constitutes financial advice but is merely serving its observatory and educational purposes. If, after conducting your personal research, you believe that ADA is a good investment and which to buy a number of coins, make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid any risks. We have previously written about the best hardware wallets you can choose from, and we strongly recommend this article for further reading.