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How to buy Solana with Skrill

How to buy Solana with Skrill in 4 simple steps

Want to buy Solana with Skrill? It's fast, simple, and safe – you can get from Skrill to SOL in four easy steps:

  • Type in how much SOL you want to buy or how much you're ready to spend;

  • Enter your crypto wallet address or pick a Paybis wallet;

  • Log onto Skrill and complete your Skrill to Solana transaction;

  • Receive your SOL in the wallet you provided!

And that's how to buy Solana with Skrill! You can get started right away – or keep scrolling to see why buy SOL with Skrill.

Why purchase Solana with Skrill

Skrill is a digital wallet: a payment method that provides a safe and simple alternative to payment cards.

You may decide to buy Solana with Skrill if you like to keep your crypto purchases separate from your main bank account. For example, your bank may impose some restrictions on crypto purchases. You can top up your Skrill wallet from your bank account, but your crypto purchases will not show up on your account statement.

Or you may already have some money in your Skrill wallet. You don't have to withdraw it first; you can go directly from Skrill to SOL.

Where to buy Solana with Skrill

Paybis is a great place where to buy Solana with Skrill! Here are just some of the things you get:

  • Smooth experience – even if you're just starting out, you can exchange Skrill to Solana in 15 minute or less;

  • Fast transactions – once you have a verified Paybis profile, you can buy Solana with Skrill instantly;

  • All you need in one place – you can buy, access, and manage your crypto right from your Paybis profile! 

Skrill to SOL: directly to your wallet

When you buy Solana with Skrill, we transfer it to your own crypto wallet as soon as the payment clears.

A crypto wallet works similar to your Skrill wallet. It is used to store, receive, and spend your crypto. One difference is that it's decentralized and there are plenty of wallets to choose from.

If you already have a Solana wallet, you can use it to purchase Solana with Skrill. Or check out our own SOL wallet – it is a fully functional wallet without any restrictions that you can always access from your Paybis profile!

Buy Solana with Skrill: final considerations

Last but not least, let's consider what's special about Solana.

Solana aims to build an entire blockchain platform that can be used by developers to create and run their own applications. It is not the only crypto to offer this, but it does bring a number of technical innovations. As a result, it's been able to attract a steady user base – key to success in the crypto world.

So now you know a bit about Skrill, Solana and, of course, how to buy Solana with Skrill. Scroll up to get started – or check our detailed guide below!