Paybis Giveaway - Win Hardware Wallets

Dear Paybis customers,

It’s competition time! We are giving away hardware wallets and many more crypto-related prizes! 

Here is what you can win:

1st place: 1x Ledger Nano S + 1x Crypto T-shirt + 3x crypto accessories
2nd place: 1x Ledger Nano S + 1x Crypto cap
3rd place: 1x Trezor One
4th place: 1x Crypto T-shirt 
5th place: 1x Crypto Cap

But you have to be fast - you have exactly 14 days to acquire as many entries as possible. Only the first two tasks are mandatory for participation but you can increase your chances by completing the additional tasks. 

Oh, and we ship them worldwide!

So, follow the link below and increase your chances of winning.

Paybis Hardware Wallets giveaway

Good luck!

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