Elastos Price

$2.504 -0.958%
Market cap$63,836,666.50
Volume (24h)$385,884.65
Highest price (24h)$2.561
Circulating supply25,573,472 ELA

What info is displayed on ELA price chart?

The Paybis ELA price chart displays:

  • Live ELA price
  • Current Market Cap of ELA
  • 24hr Volume of ELA
  • Highest price of ELA in the last 24 hours
  • Circulating supply of ELA
  • Price of ELA in 50+ fiat currencies

This data aids users in evaluating Elastos’ current market status and making informed decisions about ELA to USD conversions.


Elastos price today

Elastos price today is shaped by various factors, including its adoption, technological advancements, and overall trends in the cryptocurrency market. Observing the Elastos price allows users to:

  • Assess Market Position: Understand the current market dynamics and navigate investment strategies effectively.
  • Identify Opportunities: Leverage Elastos price data to identify potential trading and investment opportunities.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Engage with the Paybis ELA price tracker for live updates and ensure your decisions are backed by real-time data. Stay abreast of Elastos’s market conditions using the Paybis Elastos price tracker.

Use the ELA calculator to spot a good opportunity.


Analyzing Elastos price trends

Analyzing ELA price trends is crucial for understanding its market behavior and making informed decisions.

Using the Paybis Elastos price chart, users can:

  • Understand Market Movements: Observe ELA price patterns across different timeframes.
  • Conduct Comparative Analysis: Convert ELA prices into various fiat currencies for comparative analysis.
  • Strategize Investments: Develop investment strategies based on accurate and up-to-date data. While data analysis is pivotal, ensure to approach investments with caution and implement diversified strategies to manage risks effectively.

What is Elastos?

Elastos is a blockchain-powered Internet that prioritizes decentralization and security, aiming to create a safe environment where decentralized applications (dApps) are detached from the Internet, thereby minimizing direct attacks.

The native token, ELA, plays a pivotal role in facilitating transactions, identity verification, and the overall functioning of the ecosystem.

The Elastos price embodies its utility, adoption, and performance in the market, and this page provides real-time analysis and data on the Elastos price, aiding in informed decision-making.


Who invented Elastos?

Elastos was founded by Rong Chen, a former senior software engineer at Microsoft.

With the vision to create a new, secure internet where users have full control over their digital assets, Elastos leverages blockchain technology to authenticate digital rights, transfer contracts, and turn digital information into assets through blockchain technology.


How Elastos Works

Elastos operates by:

  • Smart Web Platform: Enabling the development and operation of dApps securely and efficiently.
  • Decentralized Identification (DID): Providing a secure and verifiable identification system for digital assets and users.
  • Decentralized Storage: Offering a distributed storage system, enhancing security and efficiency.

Understanding the Elastos price, trackable via the Paybis price chart, is vital for navigating its decentralized and secure ecosystem.


How will ELA price change in the future?

The future price of ELA will be influenced by its adoption, technological advancements, and overall market trends in the blockchain space.

As Elastos continues to innovate and expand its secure and decentralized internet solutions, it will be vital to stay updated with the Paybis ELA price chart and engage with community and development updates to comprehend potential future price movements.



What is the price of one Elastos?

The price of one ELA keeps changing as per the market’s supply and demand dynamics. The Paybis Elastos price chart is a reliable tool to check the price of one Elastos in real time.

Who has the most Elastos?

According to data on blockchain explorers, it is estimated that Coinbase is the largest holder of Elastos with over 26% of the supply.

How much Elastos is left?

The maximum supply of ELA is 28.22 million. However, the total supply stands at just under 25 million – the rest is burned. Currently, over 20.34 million ELA is in circulation and over 4 million ELA is left.

How many people own 1 Elastos?

As per data on blockchain explorers, there are over 850 ELA token holders and 701 addresses that own at least 1 Elastos. It is not possible to accurately determine how many unique individuals own 1 ELA as one person may own multiple wallets.

What is the highest price of Elastos in history?

Elastos reached an all-time high of $93.96 on February 24, 2018. Keep an eye on the ELA price chart with the help of Paybis to see when Elastos crosses this mark again.