Holo Price

$0.001582 +1.280%
Market cap$280,445,441.69
Volume (24h)$3,685,574.72
Highest price (24h)$0.001603
Circulating supply177,619,433,541.141 HOT

What is Holo

Holo is an ambitious project that aims to move beyond blockchain. It is building Holochain, a distributed cloud-hosting platform for decentralized apps. It has an ambitious aim: no less than disrupting the entire content creation and distribution model.

HOT is the token used to fund and develop this network. Even though the network is under construction, the token is up and running. Just like other tokens, you can buy it, exchange it for other tokens, or hold it, expecting the HOT price to increase.

Understanding HOT price

Holo is closely connected to the Holochain project, and Holo worth depends on its success. The price of Holo can benefit from media exposure, availability on major trading platforms, and any major news from the project.

At the same time, HOT price also depends on the overall trends in the crypto market, such as new regulations.

Finally, Holo price could see a major upswing if the project successfully reaches its ambitious targets.

Using this tool

This Holo price tracker is a simple yet accurate tool for visualizing changes in Holo value. By default, it shows HOT price in USD over the last 24 hours. It also supports 90+ local currencies, from AED to ZAR, and Holo price history; click on the dropdown menus to access these features. You can also click anywhere on the Holo price chart to see what the current Holo price was at this specific point.

It is continually updated so you can be sure you're getting the live Holo price. 

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Using the Holo token

It may be helpful to think of Holo as an investment in the Holochain project. Therefore, a popular way to use Holo is to HODL it. This is crypto slang for keeping it, hoping the future price will be higher than Holo price today.

It may also be a good way to diversify your portfolio. If you already hold big name cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Holo may provide some variety — and the potential to outperform them both.

The first rule of crypto applies: do your own research. This price chart can be a good starting point.

Holo price today

This chart is updated in real time, so you always get the exact Holo price now. You also get detailed price history. Remember that past performance does not guarantee similar results in the future, but it still can be helpful when making investment decisions.

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