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Reserve Rights Price

$0.006236 -3.996%
Market cap$621,350,000.00
Volume (24h)$7,898,849.96
Highest price (24h)$0.006548
Circulating supply100,000,000,000 RSR

What is Reserve Rights

Reserve Rights (RSR) is an integral part of the Reserve Rights protocol. It also includes a stablecoin known as Reserve or RSV, which is currently pegged to 1 USD and backed up by smart contracts. On the other hand, the price of Reserve Rights is not fixed and can fluctuate.

The main aim of RSR is to keep the price of RSV stable. If RSV loses its peg, users can buy RSV using RSR, sell it, and keep the difference as profit.

What can influence the RSR price

Please note that none of this constitutes investment advice. This is just an outline of some things that may or may not influence Reserve Rights value.

The Reserve Rights protocol is still in active development; major development milestones may have a positive impact on RSR price.

Much like other cryptos, Reserve Rights price also stands to benefit from positive media exposure. 

And, as this Reserve Rights price chart shows, it also follows the overall movements in the crypto market to a certain extent.

Getting the most out of this chart

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Possible uses of Reserve Rights

As noted, Reserve Rights worth comes from its use in the Reserve Rights platform. It can be used to govern the platform and vote on different future proposals. It is also used to regulate the price of Reserve stablecoin. Do your own research here; as RSR is still in development, not all features may be available.

If you anticipate the current Reserve Rights price may increase in the future, you can buy RSR as an investment.

If you already own crypto, you may consider RSR to diversify your portfolio.

Reserve Rights price today

RSR price can show notable volatility. How do you deal with it?

Some crypto enthusiasts embrace the volatility, as it provides plenty of opportunities for making profit. In this case, checking the live Reserve Rights price is absolutely essential — and this tool makes it simple.

Others prefer a long-term view. If the fundamentals are good, the Reserve Rights price today may make little difference in the long run.

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