Chainlink Price Prediction – 2024, 2025, 2030 & More

Chainlink Price Prediction – 2024, 2025, 2030 & More

The crypto markets are steadily growing with Bitcoin leading the way to mainstream adoption. As its price becomes more expensive and institutions rush to claim their position, retail buyers are turning to altcoins in hopes of profit. 

Some of the top cryptocurrencies (by market cap) have never experienced a real bull market. They are also much cheaper. Given their strong fundamentals, investors believe that they are bound to pump eventually and, when they do, some will grow beyond any expectation.

One of those coins, and one that has been making front-page news ever since the rise of De-Fi projects, is Chainlink. Its coin LINK amassed a large group of enthusiastic followers, including celebrities, industry experts, and tech futurists.

We have previously written on the fundamentals of Chainlink and explored its past price performance. Today, we use this information to create a solid Chainlink price prediction on different time frames. Therefore, if you haven’t read our previous post, make sure you check it out.

In the following chapters, we will estimate the growth potential of LINK by looking at the coin’s past price performance. We will also briefly discuss the trends in the market and how these could limit Chainlink’s price in the long term. Ready to dig in? Let’s get started.



LINK price prediction – What to keep in mind

  • High position in CoinMarketCap – At the time of this writing Chainlink is ranked 7th by market cap and is nearly 40% below its ATH which was reached in August 2020.
  • No prior bull run – It is one of the 2 projects in the top 10 (together with Polkadot) that has never experienced a parabolic bull run. The exposure it receives at the moment could help it grow more than lower-tier coins.
  • Strong fundamentals – Being an oracle network that empowers the use of smart contracts, Chainlink is seen as one of the most important projects for the future of the industry.
  • Altcoins will pump (eventually) – Due to the large surge of interest towards Bitcoin, there is a large portion of funds that will eventually flow into altcoins. We have seen this happen repeatedly in the past.
  • (Almost) no competition – Chainlink’s largest competitor, Band Protocol, recently became part of a scandal after a member of the core team was speculated to be the head of SushiSwap. ChefNomi, as the founder calls himself on Twitter, sold all his tokens in the open market causing a massive crash in the token’s value. The loss of trust eventually flowed through to BAND protocol, which is struggling to recover.


Chainlink price 2020

Given this information, it’s time to quickly review Chainlink’s performance within 2020. To do this, we will have a look at the YTD chart of Chainlink, and draw conclusions on key points.

chainlink price prediction

  1. In the first quarter of 2020, LINK slowly increased to the $5 range before crashing abruptly, losing more than half of its value over a one-week period. The price drop was caused due to the pandemic-related measures that were announced in mid-March of the same year.
  2. After a slow and steady recovery towards its old prices, Chainlink enters the third quarter of the year experiencing a large price pump, as Decentralized Finance starts increasing in popularity. This takes the coin’s price to nearly $9.
  3. After a short and healthy consolidation period, it resumes its parabolic momentum. During this time, we see the Winklevoss Twins introduce @stoolpresidente to LINK as well, which further exposes the coin to his millions of followers. The coin quickly grows to $20 but doesn’t stay there for long. With the hype weakening, the coin drops back to its pre-pump levels and finds a new bottom in the $7-$8 area.
  4. Ever since its mini-crash in September LINK has been slowly recovering. Its price currently fluctuates between $14-$16, and is expected to continue its growth pattern until the end of the year.

So what is our Chainlink prediction for 2020? We expect the popular cryptocurrency to end the year on a positive note, returning to its prior all-time high ($20) while Bitcoin “steals” the spotlight. Once the “king” reclaims the $20.000 price point, we will see much more funds flow into altcoins, which should take Chainlink anywhere between $20-$50 by early next year.


Chainlink price prediction 2024

chainlink price prediction

As we enter 2024, we can expect to see an increase in the popularity of smart contract technology due to blockchain adoption and Ethereum’s upgrade. We will also see more institutional investing which will eventually lead to another round of new retail investors. If we can estimate that Chainlink ends 2020 at the $20 price range, we can make several conclusions. When it comes to Chainlink price prediction 2021, here is what we can see at the moment:

  • As Bitcoin continues to exert dominance over the altcoin market, we will see a gradual growth for top crypto coins into the first quarter of 2024. As soon as LINK reaches its first resistance (prior ATH), we may experience some selling pressure, which shouldn’t last long. 
  • After the “new money” of the market flows from Bitcoin into the top altcoins (by following historical tendencies), we can expect to see a sharper growth in Chainlink’s price. This is mainly due to its high rankings, strong fundamentals, and passionate community, which will continue to spread awareness. The trend will eventually take LINK’s price between $30-$40.
  • By the end of the year, we should see the crypto markets experience another leg up into new highs – at least if history is any indication of the future. If this occurs, LINK could experience a final push towards the $80-$85 area. Note that this is a conservative approach, and we may be due to much higher price points. If the bull run of 2021 treats major altcoins the way it did in 2017, we may se LINK breaking the $100 mark.


Chainlink price prediction 2025

2025 will be an interesting year for cryptocurrencies, as it will signalize exactly one year after the 4th reward halving of Bitcoin. Historically speaking, the market as a whole moves upwards after the halving occurs. In this case, the next market cycle would turn bullish towards the end of 2024 and experience a banner year in 2025.

Of course, in order to make a prediction, we would need to first experience LINK’s peak price in 2021 and the eventual consolidation period it might experience shortly thereafter. In many ways, LINK has the same fundamental importance and public popularity as Ethereum. If the coin manages to experience rapid growth in 2021, with retail interest still being at a low point, we can only imagine what would happen when eventually the public takes notice of its potential.

More specifically, we could make a bearish and bullish scenario for Chainlink price prediction 2025: 

  • Bullish – If the Chainlink continues to grow (1) within its consecutive higher lows and higher tops, (2) improves the utility of smart contracts, and (3) given an eventual bear market that temporarily drops its price, we could see the coin reaching a price tag between $3000 and $3800 within 2025.
  • Bearish – Chainlink may experience rapid growth during 2021 but eventually smart contracts find a different way to onboard off-chain data. In this case, Chainlink loses its primary utility and is no longer needed. We saw the same happen with BCH and LTC after the introduction of the Lightning network. The result? LINK would remain stagnant at the bottom price of the 2022-2023 bear market. When looking at historic data, this could be anywhere from $150 to $200 dollars.


Chainlink price prediction 2030

By 2030, the concept of cryptocurrencies will either be the dominant digital investment option or a thing of the past. If the past decade has teached us something, it’s that new coins rarely remain relevant for a long period of time, since the solutions they provide get replaced by more modern options. We briefly explained this above, but it is even more important here.

If DeFi survives (and scales) within the upcoming decade, it will do so with the help of enterprise-grade price data, like the ones Chainlink provides. Therefore, we can break our Chainlink price prediction today into three different scenarios: 

  • In the best possible scenario, oracle networks maintain their importance when it comes to smart contract operability, and Chainlink remains the market leader in the space. In this case, and given the gradual decrease in the market’s volatility, we could see LINK reaching a price point of $6000-$8000
  • In the more likely scenario, Chainlink remains rather stagnant as new technologies emerge to support smart contract technology. In this case, the price will either remain at the same levels or gradually decrease towards low four-figure levels.
  • The worst Chainlink price prediction 2030 is simply a price drop back to 2020 levels, with a complete lack of interest in the markets due to a large number of potential factors. These could be related to the team, the technology progress, or even the overall condition of the markets. While the technology of oracle networks may remain relevant, it does not depend on LINK tokens to operate efficiently.


Chainlink price prediction tools

If you wish to research cryptocurrency in more depth, there are several tools you can use. Each of these tools should help you get a better outlook on a coin’s potential and the conditions of the market. Let’s have a look at some of our favorite options:

  • TradingView – Excellent trading tool with numerous price indicators, allowing swing traders to study historical patterns and estimate future price trends. For all Chainlink price prediction tools, this one is our favorite.
  • LunarCrush – Great tool to get a better understanding of the market sentiment. The tool cross-checks several social media platforms and gives you a general idea of the way investors “feel” when it comes to certain coins.
  • CoinMarketCap’s signals – Rather unpopular tool but great for short-term traders and mid-term investors alike. There are several signals you can refer to using this option, and most of them will give you a good indication of (1) the market sentiment, and (2) the short-term price potential.
  • Twitter – This social media platform is most popular with cryptocurrency investors, and you will most likely stay on top of all the latest developments as they occur in real-time. Make sure you follow influential crypto personalities, successful traders, and financial analysts that often discuss cryptocurrency-related topics.


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Chainlink price prediction today and how to prepare

After carefully reviewing Chainlink’s current position in the markets and estimating its future price potential, we derived several price predictions. To sum them up, here is what we’d like you to remember:

  • Chainlink price prediction 2020 (EOY) – $20
  • In 2024, we should see the coin growing in value, as a bull market is nearly bound to occur. If this occurs, the price should reach a conservative $85 and possibly surpass $100.
  • 2025 and 2030 are far ahead to make solid price predictions, but we can make both bullish and bearish scenarios based on historic tendencies and our best assumptions.
  • From all the available price prediction tools in the crypto markets, TradingView is our favorite option. This is mainly because of its many different features but also its community (blog), where users share useful information with regards to price tendencies.

Even though Chainlink is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in the market, it is still a very risky investment option. Apart from being relatively new and highly volatile, there is still not much information when it comes to its future potential.

As the hype continues to build up around the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we may see the price of Chainlink increase rapidly. However, try to keep a level-headed approach and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Disclaimer: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more at: https://go.payb.is/FCA-Info