Write For Us – Paybis Guest Blogging Guidelines

Do you enjoy writing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general?

We are always open for talented guest bloggers to write for us.

Our guidelines are designed to facilitate the writing process and give you the direction you need to write great articles.

Why write for us

Besides getting your name out there and being recognized, there are a couple more reasons you should write for us:

  • Website on a daily basis is visited by around 10 000 people.
  • Domain Authority: 40
  • You get a do-follow backlink in your Bio, on your brand or personal name, to the home, no keywords allowed.
  • If your post is over-the-top good, we share your guest article with our network – Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • You become sought-after expert.

What to write for us

We appreciate writers who can perform proper topic research. Discover trending topics at cryptocurrency forums and online communities.

  • Our readers enjoy reading “How to guides”, tutorials, case studies, actionable and educational content in general.
  • Our readers also find value in technological developments of the Blockchain and interesting (personal) stories related to your crypto experiences.
  • Our readers hate price prediction posts, “shilling” content and, generally, everything that has been posted everywhere already.

How to write for us

Make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure your article fits our blog:

  • Post length: no less than 2,000++ words.
  • Make sure to guide our readers with images and videos where it’s necessary.
  • Keep the content unique and actionable. Keep paragraphs short, valuable and clear.
  • Try to keep sentences under 20 words.
  • Make sure you break up your text.
  • No more than 3 sentences per paragraph
  • Use commas where necessary.
  • Don’t be too academic in your writing style.
  • Optimize for long tail focus keyword.
  • Link to at least 2 other internal and external resources.
  • Submit a short bio of yourself (1-2 lines are enough), a high-resolution photo and the images you used in your article.

Step by step guide how YOU and Paybis will create the next best-“seller”

  • Step 1: Get in touch with us at blog@paybis.com and pitch your topic
  • Step 2We will agree on the topic and you will be asked to present your article’s outline.
  • Step 3: Next you will be asked to present the final article to us.
  • Step 4: Great, if you made it this far, there are really good chances that your post will be published on Paybis blog.
  • Step 5:  We will share your article with our audience and your job is to share the post with your network and community.

How to get dofollow crypto backlinks

You can receive a high-authority dofollow crypto backlink when you submit a high-quality guest post for Paybis.

Submit a cryptocurrency guest blog

In case you prefer to contact us directly, feel free to contact us directly to blog@paybis.com and let thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts enjoy it.

Good luck from the Paybis team.